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How to Repair a Corrupted Video?

Repair a Corrupted Video

Technology has changed the way people look at the world. Every task, whether small or gigantic, has been made simpler and more fascinating with images and videos.

Making their way into every aspect of our life, they are playing the most vital role in the business, entertainment, and educational world.

With this development, the fear of hacking, privacy breach and virus come hand-in-hand. Whether it was going to teach some law of physics, explain a presentation to a client, appease a potential customer or hold the attention of a house full of cinema-lovers, a corrupted video can splash water over the hard work, opportunities and happiness of a number of people.

Getting it to a techie or an engineer can cost you time and money, and the boring YouTube tutorials end in complete failure, so what to do? Go through this simple guide to DIY!

But firstly, do you know what a corrupted video is?

A corrupted video is one that suddenly becomes inoperable and unfit for use on any platform. It’s not just virus and bugs that you catch online which can damage your video files.

An unreliable video converter can leave behind some components and corrupt your file. Sudden power interruptions while working with the video or your operating system having issues with it can also leave your files broken.

You should exercise maximum caution while handling your mp4 files to prevent the hassle of restoring them.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can repair your corrupted videos easily.

Step 1:

There are number of free video repair software online, each claiming to have the best set of video repair tools.

However, most of them do not recover your video in the best possible way. There still may be some glitches which the video repair tool might not be able to fix. It is hence imperative that you only download a safe and widely used video repair application.

Wondershare recoverit is one of the best video repair software. Download and install this video repair software full version for free and run it on your computer.

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Step 2:

Once you run the application and get a screen before you, click on the ‘Add video and start repairing’ option.

A dialogue box appears, asking you for the location of the corrupted file. Add the faulty video to the software and select the ‘Repair’ option to start the process.

Step 3:

Once the video repairer is done, you can preview your video, all fixed and repaired and save on a location on your computer.

Recoverit Video Repair software is the simplest and easiest to use free mp4 repair software and works better than all others which brag and don’t work. 

If you don’t want to undergo the hassle of downloading software, you can use the alternative video repairing software, the VLC media player which is in-built in a lot of computer systems.

You can easily save your video file using VLC media player because it automatically gets into repair mode when you play a defective video in it.

Follow these steps to repair a video without playing the video

Step 1:

Launch the VLC media player and convert your mp4 file to an AVI under the ‘Media’ tab. Click ‘Convert and Save’.

VLC media player has been designed to self-repair AVI files, so this is how you have to take advantage of that.

Step 2:

Select a codec for your file. Now you can start the process by clicking on the ‘Start’ button.

Step 3:

Once your video is converted to its original state, you will have to go back to the home page of the media player. Go to ‘Tabs > Preferences’ and scroll till you reach ‘Input/ Codecs’.

In the ‘Damaged or Incomplete AVI file’ field, click on the ‘Always Fix’ option. This will enable the application to always fix any damaged video files you try to play on it.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘Save’ button to store your changes. The application is now equipped to help you fight any malfunctioning video files.

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Prevention is better than cure!

Although restoring your videos back to normal is now a click of your finger, it demands time and sometimes can spoil your golden chance and reputation.

The best way to avoid this to be careful while managing your files with just a few simple tricks. Prevention of sudden power interruption can be done by keeping the computer on-charge while running a video or connecting it with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Invest in trusted antivirus software to protect your computer from Trojan and malware and never use a video converter or editing tool if it is not of good quality.

Creating videos is a passion for some and compulsion for others. How much ever care and caution you might put into them, there may be instances when your videos can get corrupted. This simple guide with two of the free mp4 repair software is sure to help you.

They are compatible with most platforms and it’s not rocket science. Now it’s time for you to become a tech-savvy as well!

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