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The Rising Social Power of TikTok

Social media is an area of marketing that seems to gain momentum with the passing of every year. 

As technology continues to progress and new platforms continue to emerge. Businesses that keep their finger on the pulse will push themselves ahead of the pack, accelerating their commercial success in the process.

Now, while the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter still make incredibly powerful social media marketing tools. A brand-new contender has entered the arena—something by the name of TikTok.

Wildly popular among digitally native cohorts, particularly Generation Z. TikTok is a social media platform with a great deal of business-boosting potential.

Here we explore the rise of TikTok and its ever-growing social media marketing power in the digital age.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a dynamic video-based social media platform that allows its users to post short lip-synced, music, talent, or comedic content, and it has taken the social media world by storm.

Originally known as, the platform realigned its strategy in 2016 to become TikTok. Since its transformation, engagement on TikTik has skyrocketed—as these insights demonstrate:

  • TikTok became one of the most popular apps of 2018, with a total of one billion downloads across the globe.
  • TikTok has been installed 800 million times globally.
  • Videos made by TikTok gain an average of 17 billion views every month. A level of engagement that is difficult to ignore.
  • As a direct result of its rising popularity among digital natives, TikTok is currently available in 154 countries.

TikTok Marketing tips

It’s clear that TikTok offers a wealth of business-boosting potential. Regardless of your sector or niche, by investing in TokTok marketing, you stand to connect with a wider network of highly-engaged digitally native consumers.

To help you on your quest for TikTok marketing success, here are some tips for your reading pleasure:

1) Influencer Collaborations:

As there are more mobile devices on the planet than people, today’s consumers are mobile-hungry. As such, they can gain access to information from anywhere in the world with the swipe of a screen or the click of a button.

By reaching out to relevant TikTok influencers in your niche you can create better campaigns and videos that will expand your commercial reach, growing your audience in the process.

2) Take part in Challenges:

By engaging in social listening and essentially keeping an eye on how your audience is using TikTok to interact, you will be able to ride the crest of trending waves. The likes of hashtag and dance challenges on TikTok are immensely popular.

And by taking part in such activities in a timely fashion, you will be able to connect with your prospects on a deeper, more meaningful level. Moreover, by engaging with your branded challenge videos, you are likely to turn certain users into brand advocates, boosting your credibility among the TikTok community.

3) Shoppable Video Content:

As a video-centric social media platform, your TikTok marketing success will depend on your ability to produce value-driven, visually striking content. One way of grabbing user attention and driving traffic to your website is by producing shoppable videos.

While this is in the test phase, you should keep your ear to the ground regarding shoppable video functionality. Shoppable posts have proved wildly successful on Instagram, and by leveraging similar features through TikTok, you’re likely to boost your bottom line, significantly.

4) TikTok Advertising:

Like every other great social media platform, this rising video giant offers the option to produce paid TikTok promotions. While such advertising opportunities are certainly worth exploring, they are not available in every country.

But, with a host of different advertising options available, from pre-roll ads to brand effects, and beyond. There is plenty of scopes when it comes to targeted advertising on TikTok.

There’s no doubt about it: while TikTok is hasn’t yet gained a market share to rival Facebook and Instagram, its relentless growth and accessible concept make it a TikTik an invaluable social media marketing medium.

Take the time to understand the platform in-depth, get to grips with its features. Strike now (time is ticking, after all) before it becomes saturated, and you will enjoy a level of TikTok marketing success that will boost your business’ success. 

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