Four Risks You Face As An App Developer

App Developer

App development is a dynamic, fast-growing and innovative space, making it a popular industry to work in. As with any profession, though, app development isn’t without its risks. It’s vital you stay aware of the most significant ones and how to avoid them if you want to stay on track for success. 

Which threats should you have on your radar, then? In this article, we’ll discuss four risks you face as an app developer.

1. Market Competition

The mobile app industry is swamped with apps, with more and more available each month. According to data from, there are more than 3.5 million mobile apps available on Google Play Store alone in 2022 – almost twice as many as there were in 2015.

With so many players on the field, you need to find ways to make your app stand out if you want to be successful. Analyse the most popular apps in your niche, find out what they’re missing, and offer an app that fills the gap.

2. Security Issues

Just like websites, mobile apps of all kinds are vulnerable to attacks. This means that, as a developer, you need to invest in adequate protection. Ensure your app has proper data encryption, user authentication, proper server security, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware in place. 

Remember that hackers are creative and invent new ways to compromise apps all the time. Acknowledging that you might not always have cutting-edge defences for every attack technique is why many also consider investing in a robust tech insurance policy as a layer of protection for after the fact.

3. Poor Communication

It would be ideal if all your clients understood app development as well as you did; your communication would be easy and you’d always be on the same page. This isn’t likely to ever be the case, though, and it’s precisely this lack of understanding that means they need to work with you, an external specialist.

This means that you need to take communicating with your clients as seriously as possible. Different expectations and ways of working can lead to lost resources, internal conflict and even terminated contracts. As early as possible, then, take the time to establish clear expectations around design, features, timelines and payments.

4. Neglecting UI and UX

How end-users interact with and experience your app is a severely overlooked factor in development. These are the concerns covered by the fields of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

UI concerns the user-friendliness of screens, buttons and other interactive features that people will use to interact with your app. UX goes beyond this, relating to how frictionless and enjoyable it is for people to use your app.

Nailing both of these aspects during development is the key to making sure that your app attracts and retains users once you publish it.

Which of these risks poses the biggest threat to you as an app developer?

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