SEO On a Budget: How Viable and Effective are the Options?

SEO On a Budget

In business, cost-efficient options should always be valued higher than plain low-cost options, which brings us to the question, does it even make sense to invest any money into an SEO campaign, if it isn’t as comprehensive as it could be? Should you wait until the day it is possible for the business to afford a much larger budget for the SEO campaign? Let’s try and answer those questions next.

Can a Budget SEO Campaign Really be Effective?

If an SEO strategy is devised cleverly with the company’s size, scale, goals, and budget in mind by professionals, then there is practically no reason why it can’t be effective.

There are key elements to every search engine optimization strategy, and depending on the budget of a particular project, most of them can be scaled up or down. However, if you find that even some of the most important aspects of the suggested SEO strategy are beyond the current budget, you need to reconsider your budgeting here.

Take a small no guarantor loan to funnel some necessary funds into the budget immediately and make it a more practical one. No guarantor loans do not require anyone else to sign up as a guarantor, but it will be considered a personal loan and not a business loan. Then again, due to the small-budget nature of the campaign here, that shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

As to what some of those cost-effective strategies could be, let’s take a brief look at the next.

The Long Piece Strategy in Blogging

Stats point towards the fact that longer search engine optimised blog posts are more effective in pushing your blog content up the Google SERPs rankings. So the long-form strategy involves two things mainly, which can be summarized as below.

  • Add more updated and keyword optimised content to your smaller posts
  • Make your future blog posts longer with moderate use of keywords in them

Quality Over Quantity

SEO has more aspects that just including hot keywords in every piece of content, and one such aspect is quality. It has now been quite a few years since Google first started to rank high value, quality content at the top of the search results, removing spun articles and generic posts from the SERPs.

This goes in favour of having a small budget. As long as you understand the post rate and the definition of relevant quality properly. The general idea is to not post too frequently or include anything that’s subpar in value, grammar or proper keyword density. These conditions are favourable for a small budget and higher SERP ranking simultaneously, which is quite a delightful concurrence to have on your side!

As of now, spun articles are a futile effort altogether and poorly written posts are just as ineffective for bringing in the traffic you need. As Google’s enhanced AI crawlers continue to improve, learn, and further “purify” the screening process, high-quality content will play an even bigger role for SEO optimisation in the near future.

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