What is a Signal Booster? Benefits of Signal Boosters

Cellular Signal Booster for remote work

With many people transitioning to working remotely or working from home in recent weeks, there has been a lot of attention directed at the reliability of staying connected while at home, including both internet and cellular connections.

Whether you work from home because you want to or because you have to, it’s important to be able to connect to colleagues and clients whenever your business requires.

If you live in an area with spotty cell reception, it can be difficult to conduct business without a dependable cell phone signal. That’s where a cellular signal booster can help.

What is a Signal Booster?

A signal booster improves cell phone signal in a particular area by capturing available signal via an exterior antenna, amplifying the signal with a repeater, and then rebroadcasting the improved signal into the designated coverage area.

A signal booster gives you a much stronger cell phone signal in your home, which results in clearer calls, faster data transfer speeds, and fewer dropped calls.

While a signal booster can’t create a signal where none exists, it can improve poor signals that result from interference from building materials, obstruction from nearby objects, and other environmental factors such as trees, buildings and concrete.

Benefits of Signal Boosters

Signal boosters can make working from home much more productive by providing reliable calls and increased data transfer speeds on mobile devices, but there are other benefits, as well.

1) No Dropped Calls

Depending on your location, dropped calls can be a daily occurrence, or only a once-in-a-while frustration. When it comes to personal calls, dropped calls are an annoyance.

But if you’re working from home and consistently dropping calls, it can become a big problem. A signal booster will improve your signal strength and reduce the rate of dropped calls you experience within the coverage area.

2) Clearer Calls

If you’re conducting business from home, you need to be able to clearly communicate with your colleagues and friends.

Poor cell signals can result in a variety of call problems, including voice distortions, echoes, line noise, garbled sound, choppy sound, muffled sound, and many more. A signal booster will give you clearer calls and fewer distortions.

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3) Improved Battery Life

If you’re using your cell for work, but you have poor signal strength, you may find your battery is draining more quickly than usual, because your device is constantly searching for a signal.

Stronger signals require less power to send and receive data and voice transmissions, meaning you can go longer between charges when you have a consistently strong signal from a signal booster.

4) Better Browsing

It’s not just phone calls that are improved by signal boosters. Your data transfer and download speed will also be improved when you have a stronger cell signal.

This can be important when you’re working from home and need to access information quickly for clients or colleagues.

5) A Second Network

When working from home, you need access to a stable, fast network at all times in order to be constantly available.

When others in your home also access that network, for business or pleasure, it makes it less reliable. Having a consistent cellular network provides a parallel network that lets your work continue unabated.

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