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What is NFC(Near Field Communication)?

NFC Technology

NFC stands for near field communication, which translates as short-range communication technology. This is a protocol that connects two electronic devices at close distances. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, speakers, headsets, etc use NFC technology.

Accordingly, these devices can connect and transfer data to each other without wires, when there is direct contact (touch) or within a short range of about 4 cm. 

NFC technology works on the electromagnetic induction between the 2 antennas in the NFC device. They will operate on the band 13.56 MHz, data transfer rates from 106 to 424 kbps.

Operating Modes in the NFC?

The device which have NFC feature, will operate in three modes, they are:

  • NFC card emulation: The device will now become a smart card, allowing users to pay fees or buy tickets without cash.
  • Ability to read and write: Devices with NFC will be able to read information stored on NFC tags, included in brands or smart posters.
  • NFC peer: Two NFC devices can directly connect to each other to transfer data, without any other supporting tools.

NFC Technology on Smartphones

First, check if your device supports NFC feature. Go to the settings, open the connection, search for NFC or Android Beam. 

Usually, low-cost mid-range devices will not have this function. Please enable these 2 features at the same time to share unlimited utilities offline.

1) Data Sharing

NFC is most used in data sharing. However, it is not always possible for you to share data successfully, to ensure this, you need to pay attention to a number of issues such as:

  • Both devices must support NFC and Android beam.
  • Both devices should be in screen-on state, not locked
  • A Notification displays when the connection happens.
  • Bringing the two devices close to each other to connect and share data, preferably within 4 cm.
  • When sharing is complete, you will receive a success message.

Sharing photos, videos, applications are possible via NFC. However, you should note that sharing applications put their addresses on Google play store.

2) Payment Via NFC

Instead of using a payment card, you can use NFC to make a transaction. That is a feature that will be frequently used in the future by using applications like Google Pay. What you need to check is the phone terminal is activated. The convenient payment without cards, no wires, promises to grow a lot in the future.

Payment with NFC


NFC tags are smart little chips, that allows you to snag digital information with your smartphone at short range. Besides, what makes NFC stand out is the QR code scanning technology. This allows you to scan the QR code directly without downloading any applications.

NFC is a new technology, so all smartphones may not have this application. But sure, NFC will gradually become more popular in the future.

Compatibility between devices in different versions is not yet popular. For a certain type of files causes a lot of difficulties in the transmission process.

Hopefully, this article has brought you useful insights on near field communication technology.

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