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6 Simple Ways Time Tracking Software Can Turbocharge Productivity

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking isn’t about logging time sheets and tracking hours. In fact, the data generated through time tracking is no less than a treasure chest that would act as thrusters to productivity for a company.

Yes, in fact more than 80% of companies have seen improvements in their productivity within the initial few months of integrating a time attendance software. Thus, it is quite evident that if you dream to be among the top performing companies, you must really pay attention towards time tracking.

Before delving into the topic, let us first understand the importance of time tracker software with an example: a student expecting his board exams had a bad habit of constantly picking up his cell phone, looking at the wallpaper, doing nothing and so on. The student is clearly distracted and there is a need to address this problem ASAP!

What will be your solution here? Let me help you. Very simple, yet effective. He must have just kept a track of his time consumption on how much time he had spent each time he picked up his phone. Believe me, this works. After knowing how much time you had spent on a particular task, you tend to reduce or tame the habit in future thus, improving productivity.

Here’s how a time tracking software can drive productivity of your company:

Data logger

You also have other important tasks to be done apart from tracking and logging hours. This kind of application takes care of related tasks like online attendance tracking, calculating hours, delivering more accurate and transparent results compared to manual tracking.

Once you have customized the software according to your business requirements, stay back and rest with automated tracking and processing. This leads to transparency among departments and avoids disputes.

Keeps you in track

Being one of the most basic advantages of a time tracking software, it helps the users to stay in track and ensures that they don’t lose their goal. It makes you data-driven. Thus, every decision made is information driven and keeps you motivated and attentive throughout the project or task.

Flexible working conditions

A cloud-based software gives you good compatibility with most of the commonly used browsers, which makes it possible for the concerned people to work from anywhere, anytime and access sheets through their hand-held devices. Therefore, making time sheet management an even easier job. Due to such flexibility, it becomes easier for HR folks to perform their duties.

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Improved work rate

As mentioned earlier, tracking time spent on a specific task can help in improving the way you work. This will help you reduce unwanted time consumption on a specific task.

Tracking yourself will teach you better time management and therefore, you set deadlines and tend to achieve them. Perhaps, working without noticing the time you utilized will never improve your work. Thus employee time tracking software is the best option if you care about improving your work-rate or being productive.

Easy tailoring

Also it lets you tailor the pre-determined process workflow since every business has their own requirements. No matter what the software is about, it must be synchronized with your company requirements, else what is the use? Customizable time trackers allow their users to tailor the settings according to their needs.

Easy invoicing

This is a very important feature of any time tracker. It is ideal for businesses that pay freelancers or consultants based on the minutes or hours worked. Once the software tracks the hours (billing) it automatically calculates the wage or amount to be paid without any error. It only requires one-time configuration or the formula to calculate the wage based on your norms.

So how do you come to know whether you need a time tracking software or not? Below are some signs that speak an urge for the same:

  • Everyone in your team seems to be working throughout the day, but the target never seems to be accomplished on time.
  • As a manager, you ask for updates to your teammates every week making it an ache to handle.
  • Doubted billings and invoices. In the absence of a time tracker, these activities are performed manually, which later leads to doubts and inconsistencies.
  • Negative environment.
  • Too much time invested in logging time and attendance related data to excel.
  • Less productivity.

If you come across any of these signs, then it is high time to lookout for a good time tracking software. Being cloud based, as mentioned earlier, it lets your employees and HR folks to access the details on the go.

What are some additional advantages of integrating a time / attendance tracker?

  • Employees can track their time sheets and submit through the provided portal themselves which lets them know their weak areas and later solve them.
  • Time trackers maintain a proper attendance base of every employees which later helps the HR to easily proceed with the payroll process.
  • The automated performance of software wins you lot of saved hours which is nowhere lesser than money.

There are endless advantages of a proper tracking software. All these benefits raise to contributing in improved revenue of the business. The core reasons being employee engagement and less employee turnover due to automated payroll and on boarding processes.

A time tracking software in a blend with payroll software can prove to be a revolution for your enterprise.

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Last words:

These were some of the most adored benefits of a time tracking software for a business. All these features in addition with other hidden features like reminders, online reporting, charts, etc. contribute towards improving productivity of business and is definitely helpful in such fast paced world with an urgent need of something which can keep you ahead. So why wait? There are numerous brands claiming for time tracking with accuracy and it’s time for you to choose the best.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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