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Best Free Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

As an independent freelancer, you’d agree freelancing comes with its challenges, some of which is staying focused in a home-based location where distractions are inevitable. Given this, you have to be time-focused to be more productive, especially if you are paid per hour.

Time tracking software is one of the things you should consider when starting your online business, and it will help you calculate the time you spend on each job accurately, and you can use the data collected from it to bill your clients.

Do you want to try time tracking software in your freelancing businesses? Below are 17 best free time tracking software options for freelancers:

Time Tracking Software For Freelancers

1. When I Work

A good recommendation for a team of freelancers, ‘When I Work,’ allows users to clock in and out using their GPS-enabled smartphones. With this, each team member’s exact location can be verified, as well as their time entry.

2. Replicon

Replicon is one of the leading, comprehensive multi-feature solutions that allow organizations to accurately track their employees’ productivity and efficiency by offering a single source of truth for a time.

With multiple products that cater to specific problems, Replicon’s time tracking software offers business owners and managers a suite of features that can help them manage their employees better. 

3. Timecamp

If your team needs something more than an ordinary time tracker, TimeCamp will meet your needs! It’s a free work schedule software packed with features like an extended project tree structure with tags, robust reporting, budgeting, invoicing, and attendance module. What’s more, it’s now free for an unlimited number of users.

4. Toggl

If you’re already a user of FreshBooks, you might want to consider Toggl. This is because it allows you to export time entry data and process them on FreshBooks. Also, it syncs across all platforms and allows time tracking by categories.

5. Google Calendar

Pre-installed on pretty much every Android phone, Google Calendar allows you to keep track of appointments, time dedicated to tasks, and paid time off. In addition, you can sync the data across Google apps and export them to QuickBooks.

6. Zoho Projects

Zoho enables users to overview performance progress, and you can manage documents directly on the software and even export them in different formats for more sophisticated processing on another software.

7. Harvest

An all-in-one time tracker, Harvest allows freelancers to manage projects, create invoices, generate reports, and, of course, track expenses and time. Its free plan is limited to tracking two projects only.

8. VeriClock

Designed for both businesses and freelancers, VeriClock allows you to clock in and clock out, and it also automates your logins at preset intervals. For payroll processing, it supports integration with QuickBooks. The software particularly stands out with automated time logging.

9. Paymo

Albeit being a payroll processing app, Paymo also enables users to track the time spent on tasks for free. It integrates with Google Apps to enable users to accept payment on Google Checkouts, PayPal, etc.

10. Jibble

Jibble uses a special, dedicated bot to track time via Slack software. It also generates reports on time progress dynamics and performance, as well as productivity statistics. One of its key features is that you can see all entries on a single list.

11. Bonsai

Although accessible on the web as well, Bonsai apps are specifically targeted at iOS and macOS users. Besides providing a timesheet where you can enter time worked, it also automates billing and invoicing. Besides, it features project management tools and task estimation.

12. actiTime

Accessible through the web and on the mobile app, actiTime allows users to manually enter time used on the web version, while the mobile app automatically enters time on the go. Besides, the software generates reports to help optimize workflow and increase productivity.

13. aTimeLogger

Unconventionally, aTimeLogger doesn’t only track time spent on tasks, but it also tracks your time. This includes your sleeping, leisurely, reading, and self-care hours. You can also set goals and get notified when you actualize them.

14. ezClocker

For freelancers, keeping track of their work hours is essential. ezClocker freelancer’s time tracking is one of the best and most useful time tracking software for freelancers.

ezClocker time tracking app helps freelancers in streamlining their business, freelancers can focus more on serving their customers, and increase productivity.

15. TimeNotes

TimeNotes is an employee attendance tracker that also integrates project management tools. The software also generates easy-to-read reports to help you stay at the top of your game. has a mobile app so that you can track time worked regardless of your location.

16. AccountSight

Built for consulters and freelancers, AccountSight tracks expenses and time spent on projects. Even better, it allows users to upload sheets from Excel or directly enter it on the software. It’s tracking even gives room to variable expense category— either by the hour worked or by milestones.

17. TMetric

While this software does nothing different, it can track time, run detailed reports, and manage projects. Ineptly, it doesn’t have any invoicing tool, so you’ll have to integrate a separate software for that.


The options available to freelancers for tracking time and expenses are endless. Make a pick from the software listed above and harness them to improve your productivity and save costs. 

When asked which you consider the best, which of these apps would you pick and why? Leave a comment below.

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