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7 Worth It Social Media Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Are you excited to know what social media trends are shaking up this 2021?

In a digital space that changes at lightning speed, it is very crucial to take stock of where we are heading. Here are 7 paramount trends you need to keep on your radar.

Social Media Trends for 2021

1) Podcast Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing

Podcast Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing

Trust me- the podcast is ready to rule the digital space in 2021. In 2020, we have already seen an enormous rise in it worldwide. As per, there are over 700.000 live podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes online! Over 70% of the US population alone knows the term “podcasting”.

Without a doubt, podcasts are all set to find its way to integrate into existing platforms. As we are currently noting that there are a fast evolution and growth in Google, Siri Voice, and Alexa will result in making podcasts accessible faster and easier. 

For both marketers and consumers, I firmly believe that Podcasts in 2021 will be going to be a prominent social trend.

The present advertisement adequacy estimations for podcasts show ideal ROI and give sponsors the certainty to put money in these podcasts. Big brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, Microsoft, Google, and Tinder, as of now are, analyzing the ad format in the podcasts.

2) Profoundly focused on AR technology

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. If we talk about recent times, the technologies which have been the talk of the town are AR and AI. 

You might have been familiar with the term AI but What does AR exactly mean? People do think that both AR and VR are the same, but in reality, both are different technologies. 

On one hand, where virtual reality refers to creating a new world – a combination of the imaginary world and the real world, Augmented Reality, in contrast, takes the real world and drafts virtual, computer-generated augmentations to it. This is done to enhance user experiences.

The acclaimed stage, which has actualized AR is Snapchat.

You know, those extravagant camera filters like cat filters, dog filters, 3D Bitmoji, and the entirety of its camera features are fueled by AR innovation. Furthermore, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have additionally replicated this element and started using it. 

This is on the grounds that AR won’t just be only some extravagant camera channels any longer. The potential is interminable with this innovation. 

Some potential highlights of AR in the online networking future:

  • AR live Streaming 
  • AR recordings
  • Make more brand exertion
  • Improve the purchasing experience and much more

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3) More Security and Privacy

More Security and Privacy

One of the biggest concerns on social media is privacy and security. This is due to the reason we have our primary information out on these platforms.

Facebook data breach put a big question on social media platforms’ data safety. Is our information really safe and protected? The way these social media platforms are designed, we as users always have a doubt in its efficiency and security.

But, one major thing we noticed in recent times is all the social media platforms are pushing their focus towards data security and privacy. Facebook has come up with the latest renovation and major updates in the data management field. 

Similarly, all the other social media channels are getting alerted and following Facebook’s footsteps. They are making major changes in their algorithms and hence keeping user’s data at a safer place. 

4) Retail will see more business Online on 2021

Retail will see more business Online on 2020

People today have become lazy and dependent online on every single thing. It will not be shocking at all to see if the social media platforms begin implementing extra services in the coming year.

For example – As we can see, one can easily buy products via Instagram, Facebook marketplace.

In 2022 and behind, social media channels may start implementing the facility like – paying money using their own cryptocurrency, which Facebook already started with Libra. Also, social media platforms have widened their payment gateways, thereby offering people several numbers of ways of making payments.

5) Live Video will keep growing

Live Video will keep growing

Live videos are ruling everywhere since the day it was introduced. Today Instagram live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live is famous and favored among a large number of people. 

Live videos are fun, personal, and the most important thing is people get opportunities to establish connections directly with the person they are following. 

Also, Live videos do not take much time to produce. It is quick and reaches a highly targeted audience. Also, the chances of people getting involved in the live videos are much higher than being engaged in the posted images, videos on the feed. 

6) Social Media is the New Television

Social Media is the New Television

At Present the internet is without a doubt is replacing the Television slowly. More and more people indulged in watching the content online.

In the past few years, we have already seen a huge increase in the number of people favoring live streaming channels such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. Social media is going to replace the TV soon.

Indeed, the TV itself switching to stay updated with the latest trends. With a prologue to Samsung’s savvy vertical TV, which they said are “favored more” by the Millenials. The craze for traditional TV is going to end soon.

7) 2021 will see the rise of new social media platforms

2020 will see the rise of new social media platforms

TikTok has 500 million active users worldwide. This app conquers the teens of the world. 

Similarly, Lasso, Vero, Caffeine are other rising platforms that are surely going to hit 2021. 

According to my point of view, in 2021, we will see the ascent of an ever-increasing number of new online social media platforms and they will be ruling.

Who knows? Perhaps we may see old stages like Facebook or Instagram blurring away, clearing a path for these hot brand new platforms to rule the digital space. 

So, these were the 7 exclusive trends you need to watch out for this leap year. But to keep up with the latest trends, it is also very important to manage your social presence effectively. There are a number of tools present in the market which can help you manage your social media efficiently. One such ultimate tool is, Socinator. It is an All-in-one Automation Tool For Every Social Media Platform.

Are there any other key social media trends that you predict to be big in 2021?


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