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Both beginners and seasoned players in the business industry can still end up managing their inventories. The right knowledge, expertise, will, and tools will help to achieve efficiency in inventory management processes. The first three can be worked on but the last factor is a necessary investment that requires capital. 

For your inventory management needs, you can find many software options in the market. They will vary in terms of price and features. To get the best worth of your investment, however, your job is to make sure you find a reliable inventory management software that is best tailored for your company’s needs.

Get one like and reap the benefit of its amazing features that guarantee nothing but an entirely streamlined inventory process. to the rescue! 

Many companies especially those in the retail industry suffered a lot of financial losses with mismanaged inventories and all these loss figures combined already amounted to approximately one trillion dollars. Hence,’s mission is to provide a quality inventory digital solution that can effectively address persistent inventory issues. 

1) Technical experience

No inventory app is good enough for a person that neither knows how to use it nor understands what the features are for. Inventory management apps like provide complimentary user orientation and technical support.

2) Too much dependency on the system

Information systems and other digital solutions exist to assist in business decisions and achieve efficiency in operations. Inventory apps like Sortly maintain data integrity without causing delays that can hamper business operations. 

Besides periodic inventory count, every inventory team has to practice checking around the actual balances from time to time especially during peak seasons. This can effectively assist in preventing stock-outs. 

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3) The team members fail to do their part. 

Restocking or reordering is easy but a lot of companies still suffer from stock-outs from time to time which clearly implies a financial consequence. Records show that stock-outs are likely to happen more in companies with busy warehouses having only a few people manning the inventories. acknowledges this issue. Hence, its team has come up with an inventory app that can automatically alert or notify users when reorder points are almost reached. And these alerts do not stop unless new purchase requests and orders have been processed. 

4) Lack of Communication

There are companies that suffer from inventory losses because of unorganized inventory processes.’s inventory app is pro-communication in a way that when an employee checks the system, he will also get to see the notes and updates including who among his colleagues updated it and when the updates were made.

5) Redundant manual storage

Companies whose inventory systems do not allow multiple accesses from different mobiles or computers usually end up maintaining separate record storage. This can cause data redundancy that can put the inventory records’ accuracy and integrity at risk.

The inventory management software from can, fortunately, address this issue with its cloud-based data repository. On the upside, all the transactions, including the inflow and outflow of items can be seen in real-time.


Choosing will not put you through such problematic situations. Its inventory software is easy to use and equipped with all the basic inventory functions that greatly contribute to the company’s inventory management.

In seeking for inventory management digital solution, be smart enough to pick the one that is both efficient and easy to learn.  

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