4 Tactics to Improve SEO without Developing New Content

Every marketing expert will tell you to update your website’s content frequently to stay on top of the search engine. SEO experts believe otherwise. They think that you may not need to chop and change the content now and then to stay on top. Instead, implementing a few tactics can improve your website’s ranking in various search engines. Here are some of those tactics explained below.

1) Improve the CTR

The title of every page on your website is like the headline of the news. It’s what attracts the attention of the viewer in the first place. In fact, people don’t go through the content of your website suddenly. They read a CTR and then decide to click it, leading to your site. Instead of improving your website content, you can focus on editing the CTRs. Some tips to improve CTRs are as follows:

  • Use curiosity
  • Add parentheses/brackets
  • Add powerful words to the title
  • Avoid truncation

2) Improve the page speed

Imagine you invest in buying social media followers. You register for a three-month package on Famoid, one of the leading companies selling followers on social media. Your marketing team uploads posts on social media platforms with backlinks leading to your official website. But it takes minutes for the pages to load. Do you think your target audience will stay on your website? They won’t.

This makes it essential to optimize the speed at which web pages load. Page speed also determines your website’s rank on Google. Moreover, mobile indexing has made page speed more crucial for everyone. Instead of solely focusing on website content, you should also concentrate on the web page loading speed.

3) Use internal links

Internal links create a bridge between two links on the same page. However, they need to be in the same domain. Adding internal links from high-authority pages to some of the inferior pages can boost the performance of the latter pages. Think of it as helping your friend during an exam. Suppose you know all the answers.

This means you are a high-performing student. Your friend, on the other hand, only knows half the answers. You help your friend to achieve at least 75% marks in the exam. Similarly, low-performing pages use internal links from high-performing pages to become noticed.

4) Fix broken backlinks

Many people don’t pay attention to old backlinks. They don’t check whether those backlinks work anymore or not. If they don’t, your target audience may not be able to reach your website. This makes it essential to fix those backlinks so that your audiences don’t think that your company is out of business. There are a few ways to fix broken backlinks.

  • Redirecting broken pages to your website’s new location
  • Redirecting broken pages to relevant pages of your website
  • Restoring the broken page
  • Recreating the page from the broken URL

These tactics don’t take a lot of time to implement. But the results are long-lasting. Try them and see how they can improve your website’s ranking.


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