5 ways to reflect your brand identity through your website content

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Having a quality brand in today’s market is vital in succeeding in business and attracting new users to your business.

Long gone are the days where a catchy tagline and bright logo would be a sufficient way to gain an audience following. If anything, it’s more about the substance of your website content that’s key to engaging and grabbing the attention of your users.

At the same time, producing irrelevant content that doesn’t align with your core values and brand identity can easily deflect your audience elsewhere. Consumers will be able to detect relatively quickly the purpose of your content and whether it truly answers the messages they’re looking for.

To ensure that the content on your website reflects the brand identity of your business, you should be clear about your audience, who they are and how you can convince them to act on your messages.

1) Express your own brand voice

You’ll have a certain voice and style in the content you produce and it will be unique to your writing. Keeping this consistent will help to determine whether your audience can identify with you easily.

If you were to remove the logo from your blog post, could a consumer tell that you’ve written the piece? This is what you need to ask yourself.

Your unique brand voice can separate you from the rest of your competitors. Showcase your expertise in a voice that can be identified relatively easily. Are there any pieces of content that you’ve created in the past that have gained great traction? If so, look into how these became successful and use these as a guideline for future content.

2) Understand your brand identity

Successful companies are those that have a unique selling point. An agency specialising in brand identity creation will look to this to mould your overall brand strategy.

Understanding what your specific brand is and how it’s different from other businesses in your industry will help to create the elements of your overall brand identity.

Rather than being a jack of all trades, it’s better to be a master of one or three in this case. Choose 3 traits that will remain consistent throughout your branding when creating products and services. So you’d need your words and images to be as punchy as possible to gauge your audience quickly.

3) Connect with your audience

Audiences enjoy authenticity with the services and products they associate with which means you need to do the same when you create your content. Marketing your content requires sustainability that produces good, quality work regularly.

You shouldn’t be posting updates once every few months but at the same time, spamming your website will simply show your audience that you care less about engagement and more about the marketing side.

In order to create a connection with your audience authentically, you simply need to be authentic. Provide your audience with what they want in the tone they’re familiar with.

Of course, there can be times when copywriting may need to be outsourced. However, your identity still needs to come across in the writing so peer-reviewing this would be ideal. You’re an expert in your field so you need to make sure this is visible for your audience.

4) Utilise different content formats

Although you’re targeting a specific audience that’s suitable for your business, they won’t engage with your content the same way.

To ensure that you can reach all possible audiences, consider producing your work on alternative media formats. Even if it’s content that reinforces a previous message, expressing it in a different way will help to reach multiple relevant audiences.

5) Create a social media strategy to promote your brand

Users may not browse or arrive at your website on a regular basis, but you can be guaranteed that they’ll be actively scrolling through their social media feeds.

If you’re not engaging through your social media networks it’s unlikely users will be engaging with you. Replying to queries and distributing additional content about your products & services will ensure your consumers that you care about their thoughts and show that you care about what people think about your brand.

You should be looking to promote the content that you’ve already created through your platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to drive more traffic to your site.

There are also plenty of ways you can improve your content distribution to strengthen the connection with your audience.

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