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These are the tech skills you need to work on the most innovative projects

These are the tech skills you need to work on the most innovative projects

Udemy, the largest online courses platform in the world, has selected the ten technological skills that are trending at the moment and that will remain in the top for a long time.  

Kotlin. It is the programming language Kotlin v1.0 that was launched in 2016 as an alternative to Java for the development of Android applications. It has become the number 1 skill, with an increase in demand of 95% over last year.

Neural Networks or ‘Deep Learning’. Artificial Neural Networks or Deep learning imitate how the human brain processes, stores, and acts on information. Their knowledge can be used for almost all industries: online retailer (analysis of the shopping cart), finance (prevention of credit card fraud), health (disease prevention) or agriculture (crop management).

Project management. According to Project Management Institute, in 2027 87.7 million managers will be needed. It is not strange that he is among the fastest growing professions on this list.

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Apache Kafka. It is used by companies such as Uber, Twitter or Airbnb and is a differentiator for companies that seek to stay one step ahead. Its ability to provide real-time data and apply predictive analysis allows to study the client’s behavior.

GraphQL. As mobile applications become more complex and rich in data, GraphQL (developed by Facebook) increases its importance, since it allows to optimize mobile performance through the redesign of data acquisition.

Chef Software. It is used by many companies to control and manage their IT infrastructures, so it is not surprising that Chef is the sixth most popular skill.

Microsoft certification courses. Azure, SQL Server, Windows Server and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint) still have their place in the podium of popular skills.

Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most innovative technology of our era and we have only scratched the surface. The speed with which it has improved in a short time makes possible its use in many industries: from helping to detect cancer or analyzing patterns to catch money launderers.

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Ethereum and Blockchain. Similar to Bitcoin block chains, Ethereum allows you to execute code in any decentralized application to manage records or transactions.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Just as physical robots have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, software robots now impact the business world by freeing workers from more mechanical tasks.

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