The Technology Behind the Random Number Generator (RNG)

The Random Number Generator, popularly known as RNG, is one of the biggest innovations in the iGaming industry. RNG is the vital element behind the absolute randomness required for the outcome of most, if not all, chance-based online games like slot machines.

Every online gambling platform uses RNG-verified products to ensure fairness and trustworthiness, something that is not common on unscrupulous gambling sites.

So, what is the technology behind Random Number Generator, and how does it work in online casino games? Read on to find out.

What Is RNG (Random Number Generator) In Online Casinos?

RNG, or a Random Number Generator, is an intelligent computer program used to generate arbitrary numbers at online casinos. The digits are produced by the second and do not follow any particular sequence or pattern, thus unpredictable.

Thanks to technology, there are multiple types of Random Number Generators, but all fall into two categories:

  1. True Random Number Generators – Which exploit physical events with random elements like light to come up with arbitrary numerals.
  2. Pseudo-Random Number Generator – Which uses algorithms to create a large string of numerals from a few numbers.

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Random Number Generator

How Online Casinos Apply Random Number Generators

Fairness and trustworthiness are among the key aspects that all genuine operators look at when searching for the best online gambling software. This often brings them back to RNGs, the master tool responsible for making online casino game outcomes unpredictable.

Unlike most industries, the iGaming sector does not dwell on True Random Number Generators but rather depends on Pseudo-Random Number Generators or PRNGs for their products and services. Online casinos use the PRNG system on all games that don’t involve live dealers.

For example, the computer program is used to mechanize card shoe shufflers for card games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker.

Moreover, PRNGs apply on slot reels to decide which symbols will appear on your screen and establish whether or not you have won.

Note that due to the busy nature of online casinos, which involves thousands of players, if not millions, gambling at once, the Pseudo-Random Number Generators are always active.

This means they constantly generate random numbers used to determine the outcome of different slots machines and table games like roulette.

How RNGs Apply in Video Slots

Every time Random Number Generators are mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind of avid casino gamers are slots. This is because slot machines are the most common games of chance in online casinos with a significant fanbase worldwide.

Software developers use RNGs to ensure video slot results are random and not influenced by operators. The computer program assigns a number on different video slot symbols and randomly generates these numbers every time you spin a reel.

The generated numbers will determine which symbols will appear on your computer or smartphone screen once the machine stops spinning.

If winning symbols fall on a payline, you earn cash. However, if the outcome is unfavorable, you can decide to spin the reels again or stop the game.

After the Random Number Generator delivers random results, the feedback you get is entirely dependent on the programming of the slot machine. Therefore, you can get respins, free spins, or bonus games.

You can also win cash or lose your stake. This explains why RNG technology is highly dependent on the future of online gaming and gambling – the biggest pastimes of this century.

Can A Casino Player Cheat RNG Computer Programs?

It is impossible for a casino gambler to cheat and beat the RNG. Online casino solutions like slots and table games are called games of chance because winning is purely dependent on luck.

Random Number Generators are designed to make this possible by ensuring every outcome is random and unrelated. Such uncertainty is the reason why most players go for slots and not live dealer games that require skills.

Your only hope when playing online casino slot titles is to develop strategies that will help you maintain your bankroll and increase your chance of winning.

To prove the importance of RNG in the iGaming industry, brands make sure they mention its use on their products when promoting their online casinos even on top social media marketing platforms to gain the trust of players.

With RNG certificates, players are always sure that the company is not influencing the games’ outcomes in their favor.

How Casino Maintain Fairness

Random Number Generators are simply computer systems programmed by skilled individuals to produce random numerals. This means that, like other computer software, they are bound to fail or experience issues sooner or later.

As a result, operators regularly test their Random Number Generators systems and other aspects responsible for fair gaming to ensure they function properly. In fact, a full audit is regularly carried out to ensure casino fairness.

Some of the areas the inspections cover are examining the available RNG systems to ensure they work appropriately.

Also, third-party companies assess live dealers to guarantee their integrity when manning live casino games such as Speed Baccarat. After all, operators may easily use live dealers to manipulate the outcome of different live dealer games and game shows in their favor.

Finally, the audit verifies game payout to determine the speed with which players receive their cash in case of a win. Such an in-depth valuation ensures online gamblers always access fair games whenever they log into their favorite casino sites.

How to Check If Casino Games Are RNG-Certified

One of players’ biggest mistakes is assuming that all online casinos offer fair gaming. In fact, gamblers only look at the licensing information without verifying the license number.

Aside from that, they only skim through the security features before signing up for a casino. This has seen the rise of dubious sites in the iGaming scene. To be certain of casino fairness, confirm that the online gambling platform is RNG-Certified.

Top casinos often have a special page with detailed information about their Random Number Generators. Some even go above board to share a copy of the Random Number Generators certificate to build trust among their clients.

However, if you don’t find this information at the casino, there are other ways you can confirm whether your favorite online gambling platform is RNG-certified.

One of the best and most recommended methods is to go through independent or third-party companies working with the operator. Trustworthy and reputable sites work with companies like Technical Systems Testing or TST, a widely recognized RNG testing firm.

TST is known to evaluate every section of the platform, from live dealers to RNG computer programs to make sure the games run smoothly and fairly.

Moreover, TST mathematical evaluation of games and checks game payments of casinos. Sites that use TST RNG testing services often have a company logo on the website’s footer.

Another incredible company used to verify casino fairness is eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA.

This is a famous firm not only trusted by operators but also by the online casino community. eCOGRA is a leading independent RNG testing agency approved internationally that has been around since 2003.

The company works with experts who understand the testing process. Its staff are skilled and specialized in the field of online gambling, so they know how well to conduct the testing program.

eCOGRA has offices in Malta and London with clients all over the planet. Since its premiere, eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance has verified the fairness of multiple casinos currently operating in the iGaming scene.

With such an impressive portfolio, it is clear why the eCOGRA seal is enough to assure fairness. Like TST, online gambling platforms that use eCOGRA services often have their seal added to the website’s footer.

Wrapping Up

From the information above, it is apparent that Random Number Generator or RNG is one of the most important programs used by trustworthy online casinos. The system plays a crucial role in ensuring every outcome of slot machines, and table games are random.

However, not every company offers fair gaming, which is why this piece has explained in detail how to check if casino games are RNG certified.

The key takeaway is that Random Number Generators continue to revolutionize online casino gambling by constantly maintaining fairness in online casinos.

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