5 Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Mac

Refurbished Mac

MacBook’s have amazing build quality, have minimum chances of being attacked by viruses, malware and upgrading the OS is very simple. All these benefits come with a hefty price tag of about $1,000. The latest models are even more expensive. 

That is why many people buy refurbished Macs. They are cheaper, easier to find, and provide almost the same benefits. But you have to be careful when buying anything refurbished. Even though refurbished macs are cheap, you still have to make sure it is worth the money.

What Is a Refurbished Mac?

Refurbished Macs are obviously not the ones you buy from an Apple Store. They are also not second-hand macs you find on online pages. Instead, they are a mix of both. Refurbished Macs are the ones that were used before but then given back to the store, either to be fixed or get traded for a newer model.

Even though a refurbished mac was previously used, it was later taken to the store and fixed. This does not make it brand new but makes it functional like a fresh-out-of-the-store Mac.

Second-hand Macs are even cheaper, but you will have to deal with all the repairs to get it in good working condition. This is why a refurbished Mac is a reliable and cheap option.

Why Buy a Refurbished Mac?

The Price Difference

Depending on the condition of the Mac, you can get the Best refurbished MacBook at a 10, 20, or even 25 percent discount. 

But do not go for the ones that have a 40 or 50 percent discount tag. Those are old, outdated, and are not going to last long. Even though you are buying a refurbished one, you will still have to cough up some money to get a quality Mac.

Better for the Environment

Most people throw their malfunctioned tech devices in the trash can. These devices then get disposed of either by getting buried underground or burned. 

Tech devices have harmful chemicals in them that can be detrimental to the environment if it is not properly discarded or recycled. Refurbishing a device is an effective way to recycle.

Electronic waste or E-waste is one of the largest waste contributors, and purchasing refurbished Macs can be a small yet significant step to reduce E-waste.

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How to Purchase a Refurbished Mac?

Here are the factors to consider when buying a refurbished Mac. 

1. Check Firmware Password

Firmware passwords are set on MacBooks for extra security. When buying a refurbished Mac, check if the previous owner has removed the firmware password or not. 

Either ask the technician at the store or check it yourself by pressing the power key and the options key. If you see a window asking for a password, that means there is a firmware password. Do not buy these Macs

2. Choose a Valid Vendor

As mentioned before, Apple has its refurbishing stores. Apart from those, some other valid vendors, such as Amazon, also sell refurbished Macs. If you wish to buy refurbished Macs, buy only from good and certified vendors. 

You might not even get a warranty if you buy one from your local shop.

3. Test the Mac

Before buying, turn on the Mac and check its performance. Check for operating speed, battery performance, soundcheck, etc. These will let you know if the Mac is refurbished with repaired parts or not. 

If you see any faults, move to the next one. It is unwise to buy refurbished Macs from an online store as there is no way of testing them.

4. Format the Whole Drive

Most refurbished Macs already have their hard drive formatted. This is to ensure no data of the previous owner is left on the device. This also allows the new user to optimize all the available hard drive space fully

So, check if the one you have chosen has any previous data. If it does, format it immediately. Formatting the device also ensures it is free from any virus or malware. 

5. Check the External Appearance

One problem with used Macs is that they look old, scratched, and some even have dents. One look at them, and you can tell that someone has used them before. However, refurbished ones are fixed and cleaned from top to bottom, and any sign of visible damage is removed.

So, make sure your refurbished Mac does not have any scratches, bruises, dents, or other physical damages.

Cons of Buying a Refurbished Mac

Even though you are getting a lot out of a refurbished MacBook, it also has a few disadvantages.

1. They Do Not Have Long Warranty

Refurbished Macs are used devices. Most of them might even have crossed their warranty duration. The parts that are used for refurbishing might also not have warranties. 

2. They are Not Perfect

Most people think that refurbished Macs will work just as nicely as a brand-new Mac. Although these refurbished devices are repaired and fixed, they are not brand new. You may still face some problems with your device, but they are better than the used ones.

3. Not Many Models are Available

The number of refurbished Macs is dependent on how many previous owners send them to the store. Most people throw away old Macs and buy a new one. That is why there is not a huge variety of Refurbished Macs available in store.

4. You Will Not Have the Latest Version

Apple frequently releases newer versions of their previous devices to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. If you buy a refurbished Mac, chances are, that model will be old and may not even support the latest updates.

Final Thoughts

There are both pros and cons to buying a refurbished Mac. But if you can get a good one, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Make sure to do your research before buying a refurbished Mac, and if possible, take someone with you who has experience in using the refurbished device. 

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