8 Things You Should Include In An Online Induction Program

Online Induction Program

Onboarding new employees is daunting for both the new hires and the organization. There are many things to prepare, such as training materials, proper job introduction, and sharing company rules and regulations.

With the overwhelming stuff to orient new employees, proper induction is necessary. Induction guides the company and the new hires to grasp the workplace policies and job structure.

But with the rise of the digital age, more organizations implement remote working and now rely on online platforms.

Hiring new workers online also has similar procedures when hiring face-to-face, but some companies may still find it crucial to create an effective online induction program. To help you out, here are the things you should focus on:

1. Welcome and Introduction

A warm and personalized welcome message sets the tone for the online induction process. Before the induction date, you can create a video presentation from the respective people in the company to share their messages with the new hire.

The visual presentation should also include an introduction to the company’s vision, mission, and core values. Do not forget to also share about the culture of the company. Share something cool to motivate new hires, such as team meeting traditions. Try to make it sound fun and casual.

You should also include necessary compliance procedures as early as day one. The process includes preparing the employment contract, payment or bank account details, and other necessary documents based on your company’s structure.

2. Company Overview

An effective online induction should also include a detailed company overview. Present to the new hires how the organization originated by including a brief history. Providing a detailed company structure and key departments are also necessary so new hires know how to leverage tasks.

With a detailed company overview, you can help new hires better understand the company’s goals and overall operations. The overview will also make them consider how their role fits the bigger picture.

3. Policies and Procedures

Company policies and procedures serve as guidelines for new hires. With clear and concise guidelines, you can raise awareness amongst the new hires on the do’s and don’ts as they start to work in the organization.

You should cover the code of conduct, ethics, safety regulations, security protocols, and data usage protection. You can make the induction process more interactive to make it more modern and casual and help new hires better memorize critical information.

You can create interactive modules, quizzes, and videos. These tools can better engage and educate new employees.

4. Job-specific Training

Training is crucial to ensure that new hires can work effectively in the company. You should tailor proper online training based on the specific job roles of the new hires. Provide comprehensive training materials and resources to help employees understand and follow the workflow.

Video tutorials and simulations are effective ways to conduct online job training. Scheduling online meetings with the new hire to observe practical application is also something you should consider.

5. Organizational Culture

Anyone wants to feel they belong in a community or an organization. Hence, you should also foster a sense of belonging and cultural alignment among the new hires. You can highlight the company’s culture, values, and expectations and share stories and testimonies from current employees.

Arranging interactive elements like virtual tours or scheduled interviews with every team member can enhance how new hires understand the company’s culture. The entire process will also anchor whether they can adapt to the set culture and how to thrive in it.

6. Technology and Tools

Since you are implementing a digital workplace, new hires need the right technology and tools. Provide tutorial videos for new hires on how they can access and operate the organization’s technology infrastructure.

New hires may also get overwhelmed with the various software systems, communication tools, and other relevant applications used for their job role. To resolve this matter, you can also create an accessible tutorial and user guides on how new hires can adapt and excel in their work.

7. Resources and Support

Communication is vital in remote or online work setups. Hence, ensure new employees have access to essential resources and support channels. Create a list of relevant contact details, such as HR representatives, IT support, and team leaders, to facilitate them when they need help in the workflow.

Another important way to improve the online induction program in your company is by centralizing important documents required. Some of these may include handbooks and frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can create an online portal for easy reference on these aspects.

8. Evaluation and Feedback

Gathering feedback from new hires regarding the online induction program can help you further improve the process. You can ask new hires via surveys, assessments, or an interactive feedback session.

The information you will gather from the new hires during the induction program will guide you to implement the onboarding procedure better. Their experiences will guide you in updating your company’s program for the next onboarding session.

Connect New Employees With Online Induction Program

Creating an effective online induction program is a critical foundation for new employees to adjust to their organizational roles. And with the help of an online induction program, you allow every new hire to have a positive experience as they start working in your company.


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