Tips and Benefits of Using Boxy Suite

Benefits of Using Boxy Suite

The Boxy Suite is a set of beautiful Mac apps for Google Calendar and Gmail. The Suite has wrapped and brought about a complete restyling of the web apps. They now feature deep system integration and the native features match the macOS user interface conventions. This makes Boxy Suite the best Gmail app for Mac users. 

The Suite also has a 100% native app known as Dashboard, which gives an overview of all your calendar events and emails. It lets you access the other apps in the Suite and functions as a notifications hub.

The Boxy Suite also allows the user to add the native features into the Suite such as themes, account management, among other customization options. 

The Boxy Suite also allows you to go into a dark or minimal mode. This gives a cleaner and compact user interface. You can use more than one Google account with Boxy Suite, and you do not have to sign in to access messages or calendar events.

Boxy Suite offers the best set of single-purpose apps that shield you from distractions that are the leading causes of poor productivity. Boxy Suite 2 is now available and comes with numerous new features and improvements including:

  • Task Managers Integration
  • Quick Launcher
  • Email tracking detection
  • Instant account switching
  • Global unread counts and notifications
  • Improved minimal mode
  • Open links in the background
  • A new and automatic Dark mode

Boxy Suite 2 is an improvement on an already amazing product. With the above features; it could easily be the best Suite for businesses using the macOS. For example, Boxy Suite will search for tracking pixels in the email’s body then match it to a database to identify the tool used for tracking the email. 

Tips for Using Boxy Suite

Beginners using the Boxy Suite might feel overwhelmed with functionality despite the benefits it offers. Here are tips to help you get better utility out of the Boxy Suite:

1) Keep Scrolling

Boxy Suite inbox opens the emails up inline in the inbox, which means you do not have to exit the message. The email will stay in the same position on the page, and expanding it will allow you access to the contents. After you are done, keep scrolling, and you will be back to the inbox.

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2) Removing Emails from the Boxy Suite Inbox

After you are done with an email, mark it as ‘Done.’ This removes the email from the Boxy Suite inbox to a ‘Done’ folder. Moreover, you can archive the emails in several folders, but the ‘Done’ folder allows you to create a to-do list of sorts. 

3) Setting Reminders

Fortunately, Google Reminders work on Boxy Suite in a similar way as they would on Gmail. This feature comes in handy especially when you have a huge list of tasks you need to complete every time you navigate the inbox.

You can set reminders from a variety of areas, including Gmail’s inbox. However, doing it from the native app is better and more efficient. 

4) Using Shortcuts

Boxy Suite has several shortcuts that you ought to master for faster access to the different Suite features. For example, use CMD+K to show the Quick Launcher, and CMD+Shift+C to copy a link to your current email.

Benefits of using the Boxy Suite

The Boxy Suite is arguably the best of all Gmail integrations for macOS. These are the benefits to consider:

1) Useful and Clean Design

Similar to the inbox, the attachments and images are automatically pulled and shown inline when reading messages. They are also shown within your inbox while you scroll through the emails.

2) Supports Mac Shortcuts

Boxy Suite supports all the Mac-based shortcuts, and you also get a status bar that allows you to show and hide the client. For example, when you launch different apps on the Suite, you can switch between them seamlessly with the CMD+Tab keyboard shortcut. 

3) Boxy Dashboard

Keeping an email client open can be distracting. With the Boxy Dashboard, you can close the client but still keep an eye on your calendar and email notifications. This is possible through the built-in push notification. The Dashboard also allows you access to other apps on the Suite. 

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4) Cleaner User Interface

Boxy Suite supports Dark Mode, which is customized to match the macOS’s dark theme. The Minimal Mode allows for a cleaner looking user interface. It also provides for calendar events integration with Boxy Calendar. 

5) Distraction-Free Reading

Boxy Suite has a Reader Mode which allows for distraction-free reading. This way, you can enjoy reading newsletters and other important documents in a clutter-free environment. Moreover, when you click on a calendar event or email, they open in separate apps on the Suite instead of opening a new tab.

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6) Seamless Functionality

The Suite also allows you to download attachments, print documents directly from email, search through emails, and access to the traditional shortcuts. This is all possible in a seamless environment that requires little or no training. 

7) Unread Emails

One of the best features of the Boxy Suite is the ability to unread an email. This is important if you want to keep tabs on the important emails that you need to look into or work on in the future.

8) Light Weight Apps

The native apps on the Boxy Suite use a custom native technology, which makes them lightweight. This means they use only a fraction of the memory compared to the competing apps. The apps are built using a custom stack-based on WKWebView, which allows the apps to get better performance. 

9) Multiple Account Support

Unlike the alternatives in the market, Boxy Suite allows you to add unlimited Gmail accounts. This includes personal and work emails. You will get push notifications for each email without mixing up the notifications. 

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10) Affordable

The Boxy Suite is one of the most affordable Gmail apps for Mac. The annual fee is set at $49.99, but the better deal is the $149.49, which gives you lifetime access to the Suite. On top of this, you get a seven-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 


Boxy Suite is arguably the best Gmail email client for Mac users. It is a no-frills app that offers all the Gmail features. With that said, there are other cheaper options in the market, but few offer similar or better functionality. 

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