Overview of BlurSPY Android Tracker


BlurSPY is a wonderful cell phone spy app which is used for various tracking activities. It offers the best features for parents that make it the ultimate parental control software. Employees also find a long list of useful options that define its nature as an amazing employee monitoring tool. Other details about BlurSPY app are given below. 

Features of BlurSPY App

Features of any app determine how good or bad it is. When it comes to BlurSPY app, it beats everyone in terms of its features. The app offers the most advanced and essential spying features to the users which are listed below. 

1) Call Manager

Here comes the most useful feature of BlurSPY app. With this feature, the users can track any phone calls. You have the options to intercept live phone calls at any time. It helps you record the phone calls too. For parents and employers, this feature is the best option to manage phone calls on the target phones.

2) Message Tracker

Tracking text messages has become necessary these days. A lot of users have to track the messages on target phones. So, considering this, BlurSPY provides the users with an advanced message tracker. This feature allows the users to get access to the text messages on the target phones. They can check the conversations and spy on messages all the time.

3) Location Tracker

BlurSPY comes with the advanced location tracker feature. It is the most important option when it comes to the safety and security of kids. Parents are worried about their kids. So now they have a wonderful feature which will let them track the live locations of their teens and be satisfied knowing they are safe. 

4) Hack Social Media 

Social media monitoring is also a part of modern-day tracking and spying. How BlurSPY can be behind in this department? So, it introduces the most in-demand feature. With this option, the users can hack any social media app and monitor the activities of their target persons on android phones. parents will love this feature as it tracks social media use.

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5) Use Screen Recorder

If you want to capture the screen of any phone, BlurSPY is the ideal option. It has brought about the newest and the most advanced feature called screen recorder which allows users to capture the screen of the target phones. You can get access to any content and apps on the target phone with this feature.

Best Things About BlurSPY

Here are some of the best things about Android spy software that will make you believe why it is the top and the ideal spy app for android phones. 

  • Works in Background

Yes, you have read that right. BlurSPY works in the background. What does that mean? It means the app will be invisible on the target phones. When you install BlurSPY app on the target phones, it will show no presence. The target person will never be able to find out if the app is working on their phone to track their activities. Parents will be really happy with this feature. 

  • The Most Responsive App

If you have not used BlurSPY app, you should start using it right now as it is the most responsive and superfast spy app. It works without any issues. It gives an amazing experience to all the users. No matter which device you have and which feature you are using, BlurSPY lets you have a great experience. It works flawlessly. 

  • Advanced Features

There is a long list of the features provided by BlurSPY app to its users. If the careful analysis is done, we learn that many features are new and advanced. No other app offers such features. Hacking social media, screen recorder, password chaser, and few others are the examples.

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  • The Most Affordable 

You will be surprised to find out that BlurSPY is the most affordable android tracker in the market these days. It has multiple plans and packages for users with different prices. In an overall analysis, it offers the best features at the lowest price.

  • Great Customer Service 

With BlurSPY app, you will be enjoying wonderful and 24/7 customer support. It is the best thing about BlurSPY that users are given all technical and other support without making them wait. All the issues are resolved immediately so that users can continue their tracking journey.