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Industrial Robots Applications

Top Industrial Robots Applications You Should Know

Robotic systems were first introduced into the manufacturing sector in the early 1960s. Typically, industrial FANUC robots are automatically controlled, multipurpose manipulators that can be programmed in three or more axes. They can either be fixed or mobile. And they’re often designed to perform dangerous and repetitive tasks with a high level of accuracy.

Robots have completely revolutionized industrial workspace. Since their entry into the manufacturing landscape, these automated devices have gained immense popularity across various industries, including the medical, military, agriculture, and food sectors. Here are some of the tasks most industrial robots are designed to perform.

1) Arc Welding

Robot welding came into inception in the 1980s. The main idea behind this automation technology was to improve the safety of employees from arch burns as well as the inhalation of hazardous fumes.

2) Material Handling  

Material handling robots are commonly used to move, pack, and pick up products. Moreover, they can also automate functions associated with the transfer of items from one part of the equipment to another. This way, direct labor costs are significantly reduced and most of the tedious and dangerous activities traditionally carried out by human workers are eliminated.

3) Machine Tending

Robotic automation for machine tending refers to the process of loading and unloading materials into machinery as well as overseeing the machine as it executes any task.

4) Painting

Robotic painting is often utilized in automotive production and several other industries since it improves the product’s quality and consistency. Cost savings are also achieved through less rework.

5) Picking, Packing, Palletizing

Its time consuming to handle multiple products before shipping. However, you can use a robotic picking as well as a packaging mechanism to make work easy. With these robotics, you increase efficiency, accuracy, and lower production costs.

6) Assembly

When it comes to assembling products and eliminating tedious tasks, robots are highly reliable. They also increase output and significantly reduce operational costs.

7) Mechanical Cutting, Grinding, Deburring, and Polishing

Building dexterity into robots offers a manufacturing option that’s extremely difficult to automate. And one example of this is the creation of orthopedic implants, like knee and hip joints. Typically, buffing and polishing a hip joint by hand takes about 45 to 90 minutes, whilst a robot can perform the same task in just a few minutes.

8) Gluing, Adhesive Sealing, As Well As Spraying Materials

Sealer robots are often built with numerous arm configurations that enable the robot to adhesives to different types of products.

Key Takeaway

Robots are important. They help increase speed, accuracy, as well as consistency. This not only makes work easy but also lowers production costs. So, if these are the things that you are looking for in production, invest in a robot.

Other Processes 

Robots can also be used in inspection, soldering, as well as water jet cutting.

The Bottom-Line

Robots are important when it comes to industrial applications. They can be used in a number of applications. The above are common applications of industrial robots. From arc welding to spraying materials, having a robot can boost productivity and make things easier. 

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