TVALB Allows Streaming of Albanian TV Channels in the USA and Canada

Streaming Albanian TV Channels

When moving to another country, you need to get accustomed to a new language and culture. Due to that, you miss little things from your native land, such as familiar speech, environment, and cultural peculiarities. One of the ways to stay in touch with your motherland is through television. 

Luckily it is possible to watch your favorite TV channels while living abroad. 

TVALB Delivers Albanian TV to Viewers in the USA and Canada

Since 2006, TVALB has been serving Albanian communities in the United States and Canada. The company delivers TV shqiptare (Albanian TV) and many worldwide channels to viewers from North America. 

The main TVALB aim is to provide an opportunity to watch Albanian TV channels in the US and Canada. Due to that, people can live abroad and continue watching native news, movies, and shows, as well as listening to music and radio. 

There are two streaming packages available on TVALB. One costs $16,58 a month and serves the whole family as members can stream content on three devices: a Smart TV, computer, and mobile phone.

The other plan is priced at $5,99 a month and allows streaming only on a mobile phone, which is suitable for individuals. 

TVALB transmits top-notch Albanian TV channels, such as DigitAlb, Kujtesa, Artmotion, and Tring. There are more than 250 Albanian channels on the platform and up to 2000 channels from such countries as Greece, Italy, and others.

TVALB also delivers channels for sports fans so that they keep abreast of all sports news around the globe. A plethora of content allows each family member to find a channel to enjoy in their free time. 

Multiple on-demand movies (VOD) are available anytime a viewer wants. There is diverse content for kids and cinema fans. 

The service has the right to stream popular Albanian shows, Big Brother VIP Kosova and Big Brother VIP Albania.

It is a game show where people live in an isolated house under video surveillance. Viewers vote for their favorite and least favorite contestants. Each week, one of the housemates gets evicted. 

More Details on IPTV/OTT

What makes it possible for TVALB to deliver Albanian TV to the countries of North America and ensure a seamless experience? The answer is the IPTV/OTT technology which allows the delivery of TV programming via the Internet. 

Content transmission through the Internet connection brings many benefits. For example, the VOD and catch-up features allow viewers to avoid strict schedules. They can watch their favorite shows whenever they have time. 

It also delivers a plethora of content, including TV programming, VOD (video-on-demand), and live streams.

Furthermore, IPTV/OTT allows streaming videos on multiple devices, whether it’s a home or a mobile gadget. It provides more freedom to viewers.

As a result, they watch videos wherever they want, regardless of location. It is up to them to decide whether to watch a video in a small size on a mobile device or in 4K on a large Smart TV screen. 

Drawing the Line

TVALB is the link between Albania and those Albanians living in the USA or Canada. Viewers can keep abreast of local news and stay connected with the country. The platform provides plenty of content and convenience to watch videos however a user wants. 

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