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TweakBox Down – How to Fix the Errors in TweakBox for iOS Devices

Errors in TweakBox

TweakBox is an excellent app installer used by hundreds of iOS users all over the world. It provides you with a great bunch of tweaked apps and games. They are free of cost and can be downloaded safely. TweakBox requires no jailbreak. This makes it everyone’s favorite. However, some users have recently reported a few errors while trying to access the app store on iOS. We are here to discuss some of these errors in TweakBox iOS and also to provide you with easy steps to fix them.

Fix the Errors in TweakBox iOS

TweakBox Not Downloading Error

Some users have encountered an error while downloading TweakBox. The download suddenly stops or fails. This can happen when there is an issue with network connectivity. You can fix this by following any of the ways provided here.

  1. Ensure that your data connection is stable. Turn off your data or wifi and then enable it. Now try downloading Official
  2. Make sure that the date and time in your device are right. Also, enable Set Automatically option from the Date & Time section in the Settings.
  3. Switch off your device and restart it. Download TweakBox now.

This should probably solve the issue as the app has no errors of its own.

Blank Screen Error

This is one of the most common errors faced by the TweakBox users and there is a simple way to fix this as well.

  1. Navigate to the Settings on iOS.
  2. From Apps, take the Safari option.
  3. Click on the Clear Website Data option.

TweakBox will work as usual on iOS. You will never get a blank screen again.

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TweakBox Not Working Error

TweakBox is a third-party app store and sometimes, the users have reported that the app store doesn’t work. Follow the steps to fix the error.

  1. Delete TweakBox from the iDevice and install it again.
  2. Open the Settings on iOS.
  3. Take the Profile & Device Management option.
  4. Select TweakBox and enable the Trust option.

TweakBox will start working without any issues on your iOS device. You won’t face the issue hereafter.

Profile Installation Failed Error

The profile installation failed error can happen when many users are accessing the server at the same time. Wait for a few hours and try browsing through the app. If the error still persists, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on the Aeroplane Mode for iOS.
  2. Go to Settings and take the Apps section.
  3. Select Safari and then choose Clear History and Website Data option.
  4. Also, tap on the Clear History and Data option.
  5. Now, disable the Aeroplane Mode and download TweakBox on iOS.

You can easily download TweakBox on iOS devices.

App Revoke Error

As TweakBox is a third-party app store for iOS, the Apple servers will revoke the certificate to the app within 7 days. This will prevent you from using the app store. In order to prevent this, you have to use a VPN while downloading TweakBox on iOS. This will hide the TweakBox profile and certificates. Hence, it can never be revoked. You can also use an Antirevoke app to prevent the app revoke. This way, your iOS device remains safe as well. 


TweakBox is a great way to download modded apps and games on iOS. As there is no jailbreak required to get the app, it is safe and reliable. There are some common issues that users may face while using TweakBox which has been addressed properly. Do check out and fix these simple errors easily.

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