Virtual Summits and How They Benefit Your Blog

Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are online conferences that bring together a host of experts on a certain subject matter. Viewers get to watch the summits for free for a short period of time. After which they are asked to pay if they want access to the full video. 

Hosting video summits helps your audience recognize you as the go-to expert and authority in your field. As you grow and engage with your audience through engaging and informative content.

It also allows your viewers to see the person behind the blog, which helps them trust you much quicker. Many People purchase from an authority site that they trust and respect.

When people find other experts who share your same views and opinions on a subject, their bond of trust becomes much stronger, and they will be back on your blog for more.

Launching Your Own Virtual Summit

Launching your first virtual summit can seem like a daunting affair. Especially when it doesn’t involve just you, but several other individuals as well.

Like every good event, it needs to be broken down into stages, which makes it much easier to plan and organize. To successfully launch a virtual summit on your blog, here’s what you’re going to need to do:

  • Plan your content, and this includes everything from the name of your video, the topic, the theme you plan to cover, and down to the last detail of what you and your speakers are going to discuss on the summit. Leave no stone unturned and plan every detail down to the smallest one.
  • Prepare the software you’re going to need for your summit, which includes good microphones, webcams, computers, and high-speed Internet access. Oh, and a good location to film your summit, of course. You can even use seedboxes as a way of remotely hosting your summit. A 10 Gbps seedbox would work extremely well for this. 
  • Reach out to your guest speakers and pitch the idea for your video summit. Aim for many speakers as a summit should ideally consist of anywhere from 20-30 people. This seems like a lot, but once you’ve built a working relationship with them, it will be easier to get them back again for future summits.
  • Set up an Opt-In page, which consists of vital information that will draw your viewers into watching the summit when it gets broadcasted. This page should contain information such as the speakers who will be present, what the topic of the discussion is going to be, and most importantly, how the viewers will be able to sign up for the summit.
  • Record the interviews with your speakers and influencers, and embed these interviews on separate landing pages. Be sure to do this only after the agenda for the summit has been prepared, and not before.
  • Start promoting your virtual summit on your blog approximately 2-3 weeks before the summit is launched to build up anticipation and a following among your readers. As you draw closer to the date of the summit, increase your promotion of the upcoming event and remind your readers not to miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

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