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Top 3 Ways IoT and AI Are Redefining Healthcare

The healthcare system after the introduction of IoT and AI has taken a new height altogether having endless opportunities. The interaction with doctors has taken a new role allowing doctors to communicate with their patients from anywhere. 

IoT-enabled devices with integrated AI have made remote monitoring a reality. For example, JD Edward ERP offers the best IoT services to businesses and organizations worldwide.

With the help of IoT and AI, it is now able to monitor patient’s real-time from anywhere. As interactions with doctors have increased it is now possible to offer superlative care to patients. Mentioned below are the top 3 ways that IoT and AI are redefining healthcare.

Ways IoT and AI Are Redefining Healthcare

1. Virtual Hospitals

Virtual hospitals are hospitals without walls enabling patients to consult with their doctors in real-time from anywhere. IoT and AI both combined can offer patients the next level of healthcare. These types of hospitals are suited for outpatients and long-term care patients as they can be monitored easily from their homes. 

Many countries have adopted virtual hospitals making them more popular worldwide.

Virtual hospitals can diagnose the patients from anywhere as they have wearable devices that can monitor the patient’s statistics and determine the best treatment. The pulse and oxygen level can be administered remotely and if any changes are seen then immediate help is offered for the best results.

Smart technology developed for virtual healthcare can offer cardiology, physiotherapy, and many other services online. Patients who are located at a significant distance from the nearest healthcare can take advantage of these situations.

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2. Connected Inhalers

Many times the lack of monitoring the patient causes adverse effects. IoT and AI have been able to monitor patients suffering from asthma and other chronic diseases. Timely review and care, personal administration can avoid serious issues faced by asthma patients. 

Connected inhalers are an excellent invention that has allowed tackling this problem. Connected inhalers are smart thermometers that can solve the problem. This thermometer is accompanied by an app that allows round-the-clock surveillance of the patients. 

With IoT-enabled devices, it is possible to alert patients to take their doses using audio and visual alerts. With the help of these inhalers, patients are guided to move in the right direction and take their medicines as prescribed for the best results.

It is also easy to ascertain the symptoms well in advance and take action accordingly. The patient can show the records to a physician and take medication as suggested for the best results. 

Connected inhalers have helped healthcare take a new dimension all together helping doctors to monitor patients remotely.

3. Smartwatch Monitoring

Smartwatches have a huge significance in the healthcare sector. With the introduction of the smartwatch in the healthcare sector, it is now possible to arrange data on command to monitor patients in the right direction. 

Smartwatches apart from being a sport-driven machine are also taking the healthcare sector all by surprise. Smartwatches are the perfect health monitoring devices guided by IoT to help people keep track of their health. 

Smartwatch monitoring helps to keep track of the patient and look for any sudden changes in statistics. If so, you can immediately consult a doctor for the best results.

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Apple watches have contributed massively to the development of smartwatches especially on the health of the individual. Features such as blood pressure monitoring and ECG are vital stats to tell the condition of an individual. 

Many healthcare systems around the world are monitoring their patient’s real-time with the help of these devices. IoT and AI both combined to make it possible to share real-time data from the patient’s watch to the doctor for recommendations.

Health activities and trackers such as exercises, sleep trackers, weight management, and many more help users maintain good health round the year. Smartwatches have a significant contribution to the healthcare sector.


IoT and AI have contributed immensely to the healthcare system offering real-time data and monitoring to keep track of the patients. The points mentioned above explain the three ways that IoT and AI have contributed to the development of healthcare. The use of IoT in healthcare has its own pitfalls but IoT and AI when combined with the healthcare system can bring endless development opportunities.


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