7 Web Design Principles That Still Work In 2021

A website should be designed to convey its message to the visitors while keeping them engaged. There are some web design principles that must be followed to create an attractive website. With the advancement in technology, new principles are getting common. However, these seven web design principles are still popular and useful in 2021. 

Web Design Principles

1. Visual Hierarchy:

It is one of the most important principles to create an effective website. Visual hierarchy is simply the arrangement of different parts on the basis of their significance. You can perform this either by color, contrast, texture, white space imagery, typography, or size. The main purpose of visual hierarchy is to create a focal point so that the visitor would know where the most significant information is. 

2. Grid-Based Layout:

Grids assist in making your content and design organized so that no information would be scattered. They align the elements on the webpage and reduce clutter. Grids can arrange your material properly with rows and columns that create balance and look pleasing. 

3. Mobile Friendliness:

Nowadays, most people surf the internet and use websites through their cell phones. If the websites are not optimized for mobiles, it reduces the visitors’ interest, and they leave the website. That’s why it’s quite necessary to have a responsive layout of your website so that it can adjust to various device screens. 

4. White Space and Cleanliness:

White space is part of your website that is included intentionally. It is the space between visuals, margins, gutters, and graphics, etc. This white space isn’t just a blank part; instead, it’s a significant element that allows your website to remain clean and clutter-free so visitors can focus on the important stuff. 

5. Color Scheme:

The color scheme has the power to make or break the appeal of your website. You can utilize various contrasts for images, text, and background to have an impact on your visitor. Keeping your colors balanced is very important. Use colors that make the text easy to read and comprehend. 

6. Typography:

The font you use on your website must be chosen with careful consideration. No matter how effective your content is, there is no use for it if it isn’t readable. The preferred font for headlines is serif and for the body; sans-serif. Understand what your website is and choose fonts according to that. Choosing fancy fonts is not a wise choice. 

7. Navigation:

Navigation is the finding mechanism of any website. Your visitor must be able to find what they came for easily. They shouldn’t need to spend more than a few seconds in finding a certain option or else they would prefer to leave. Make it simple and consistent. 

These were the seven web design principles that still work in 2021 and will remain important for a very long time. Focus on these principles to make your website interesting and engaging.

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