Why is it Helpful to Choose Tracked Delivery?

Tracked Delivery

Whether you’re sending parcels to customers for your small business or posting gifts to loved ones for Christmas and birthdays, choosing the right delivery service is important.

Millions of parcels pass through the courier system every year, and using a reliable courier that offers tracked deliveries ensures your parcel doesn’t get lost in the abyss.

Although tracked delivery tends to cost more than non-tracked services, it’s worth paying the extra money to be able to see exactly where your parcel is at every stage of the delivery process until it arrives at its recipient’s address.

Most couriers now offer tracked services, including Chicago Couriers. Below, we’ve covered the many reasons why choosing a tracked delivery service is a good idea.

1. Improved Security

With a tracked delivery, the courier provides the location of your parcel at every step of the way from the moment you send it to the moment it arrives at its destination. Because you can see where your package is, it’s a much safer option than a non-tracked delivery service.

Tracked parcels are less likely to get lost or misplaced. If they do, you can check your tracking information to see at which stage your parcel disappeared. You can then inform your courier so they can open an investigation to determine what happened to your parcel and how to resolve the issue.

2. Better Customer Relations

Offering tracked deliveries for your customers improves their overall experience with your brand and helps gain their trust. Happy and trusting customers are more likely to shop with you in the future, taking your business to the next level and enhancing your future growth.

You can also resolve parcel-related complaints more easily if you choose tracked services. If a customer complains that their parcel hasn’t arrived, you can contact your courier and check the parcel’s last location to figure out what happened to it.

As a result, you can overcome customer issues efficiently, leave a positive impression on your customers, and convert more store visitors into paying customers.

3. Enhanced Parcel Visibility

Tracked deliveries provide real-time visibility, enabling you to closely monitor every parcel you send. All you need to do is log into your online tracking information when you’re curious about where your parcels are and when they might arrive at their destinations.

With this enhanced visibility, you can gain trust in your chosen courier and have peace of mind when sending important parcels to customers, friends, or relatives.

4. Delivery Confirmation

When you choose a tracked delivery service to send a parcel, you will receive a confirmation when your courier successfully delivers it to its recipient. Your confirmation may come as an email or SMS message.

With confirmation of every delivery, you can stay organized more easily if you run a small business and send multiple parcels each week.

You can also send follow-up messages to your customers when you notice that their orders have safely arrived at their homes, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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