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Why should you use SMS marketing to connect to your customers

Why should you use SMS marketing to connect to your customers?

In the current scenario, when mobile phones have started ruling the world, we have come to a point where mobile marketing has become a must to get your business through the competition. Well, this is because mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives. The advantages of mobile marketing have made companies turn out more into reaching your prospective customers through messages. This strategy would strengthen your firm’s growth and boost your sales!

Mobile marketing can be done via applications you use, mobile websites, emails, and text messages.

Let us check out a few reasons as to why SMS Marketing is promising!

Uncompromising open rates

How many promotions emails you read every day? Practice is that users tend to skip all those emails without opening them. But is that the case of SMSs? No, text messages have a very high open rate of nearly ninety-eight percent within the first fifteen minutes you send a message.

And the best part about SMS marketing is that you don’t have to care about your messages being lost at the SPAM folder. There is a very less probability of your prospect not noticing the new message, but they would go through the information for sure.

Affordable and very cost effective

If you are a firm that has just ventured out to marketing promotions, the chances are that you wouldn’t have much investment to put into the market via other media. Now, this is where text messages prove out to be a cost-effective and affordable alternative. It wouldn’t cost you a fortune to send text messages to a lot of customers. (Thanks to the bulk messaging available) You can personalize your service offering as well as reach your target audience with minimal cost and time.

Mobile as a medium

Most of the businesses both established and the ones at the start up stages have started considering mobile as a medium to reach customers. Your business ought to be mobile friendly, and you need to come out with SMS campaigns to maximize awareness.

Another turn on related to mobile marketing via texts is that there is a very high return on investment, as you can successfully reach to your targeted customers with ease. Thanks to mobiles, we can promote your business and build a brand through a variety of platforms.

Help you reach to various contrasting demographic profiles

You can segment your customer based on their demographics and send personalized messages to each of these segments. The first message you send would remind them about your existence, the second would convey them about how unique your brand is, and the third exposure would help your brand to reinforce and stay on top for preference.

In short, sending frequent messages would help you be a part of your clients thinking process. But a word of caution, too much of text messaging would create a negative impact on the mind of the customers.

You can use it to supplement other marketing efforts

Yes, marketing by sending messages doesn’t need to be done as a stand-alone activity. You might be reaching out to your customers through the other media, but using text messages would help you enhance the outcomes. Permission marketing is yet another idea you can use up with your texts.

You can preferably keep a word at the end of your message by mentioning a number and instruct them to send messages to this number to stop receiving continuous updates.

Quick delivery of your content

Consider sending mail to your customers. You will have to be concerned about the templates to use the colors and check if there is an overload of information. You won’t experience any lags when it comes to SMS marketing. The moment you are done with the contents of your message you can send them! No worries at all. You don’t have to maintain a separate team for designing the content and web page, and thereby you can cut out unwanted time and cost cuts.

Boosts your interaction and creates a better engagement for your customers.

Marketing via texts gives you this advantage. It is not just one-way communication. The way you interact with your customers, your customers would be able to interact with you and gets their concerns clarified. As per the geographical location, the language and the age of your audience, you can set your requirements and create personalized offerings.

  • Bulk services

Why is bulk service used? Well, you can reach out to a huge lot of people within a matter of seconds. Before you go on to selecting a bulk SMS service provider, you have to dig deep about the services and success of the bulk messaging provider.

  • High levels of flexibility and personalization are associated with text related marketing.

You can offer personalized messages about sales and offer to your customers as well as create and announce rewards and recognition to customers who stay loyal to the brand.

  • It helps you to generate more leads and better conversion rates

Text messaging is the best when it comes to lead generation; you would find leads better, and also there are better conversion rates in comparison to other marketing promotion activity. It would help in transforming your relationship with the customer.

There is a better probability of immediate response in text marketing in comparison to other promotional techniques. It is very much eco-friendly, there is no involvement of paper and low impact on creating a carbon footprint. And the best part about these is that your customers would love to get updates about their interests. You can visit Simple Texting for bulk SMS marketing service.

Now that you have 10 reasons to implement SMS marketing for your business you must not hesitate to implement it. There are more than enough reasons for you to go ahead with it. For more information on SMS marketing and its tactics, you can stay in touch with us!

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