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Proxy Server

In an online session, security matters to users now more than ever before. To ensure it, users explore all kinds of possibilities. Using a proxy server is one of them. An advantage of using a proxy is that you can use it depending on a specific region. A UAE proxy corresponds to the UAE. Likewise, there are also other country-specific proxies.

Amid the rising popularity of proxies, people also ask questions regarding it. Most people wonder what a proxy server is all about, how it works, and about its benefits. If you are also seeking answers to these questions, you have come to the right place. Read on to get the answers to these questions.

What Is A Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a computer with its own IP address. With the help of it, you can connect your device to the Internet without compromising its security.

A proxy server secures the network to which you connect your device. As soon as you request a web address, a proxy server starts acting as a filter or a gateway, or a middleman and connects your device to the web address.

To understand the working principle of a proxy server, you need to consider both incoming traffic to a device and the outgoing traffic from it. A proxy controls the flow of both forms of data. Both kinds of data pass through a proxy server. This feature allows a proxy server to keep track of both data types, which helps secure a network.

Thus, a proxy server reinforces the security of a device on a network. You can use it if you are not satisfied with your internet service provider (ISP).

Read on to get to the bottom of how a proxy server works.

How Does A Proxy Work?

A post office identifies the destination address through the street address. On the Internet, the IP address of a computer device acts as the destination address. It is the destination to which the Internet sends data. For this reason, every computer must have an IP address.

A proxy server is a device that has a dedicated IP address. When your device sends a web request on the Internet, it first goes to the proxy server. Thereafter, the proxy server forwards the request from your device to the requested web server on behalf of your device.

Next, it forwards the data received in response to the query to your device, due to which you can view the web page on the browser application on your device.

In this process, a web server can change the IP address or encrypt the data. Also, depending on the IP address, a proxy server can prevent you from accessing specific pages on the Internet.

Some people draw a proxy vs. VPN comparison and compare how both technologies ensure data privacy and security.

Benefits Of Proxy Server

The advantages of a proxy server revolve around the principal with which it works. Both individuals and businesses use a proxy server for the same reason: to monitor the websites visited by users on their network. There can also be other reasons for it.

The primary benefits of proxy servers include the following:

1. Enhanced performance of the network

Websites take a specific duration for loading, and the time taken may vary from one another for different websites. A proxy server plays a vital role in the fast loading of websites to save time.

Whenever you visit a website, a proxy server logs a cache of that website. This helps in the fast loading of the website whenever you visit it the next time.

2. Privacy and security

Hackers, bots, and unauthorized users look for an opportunity to break into a network. In general, they look for security-related loopholes and vulnerabilities to accomplish this task. The only way to deter these elements from stealing or keeping an eye on confidential data or information is to put adequate security measures.

Using a proxy server is one such measure. This explains why major business organizations use a proxy server to ensure their privacy and security to protect their confidential data.

Some organizations also use a VPN for privacy and security. Not sure whether you should use a VPN or a proxy? You can consider the differences between VPN and proxy for an informed decision. You can use many proxies simultaneously.

3. Keeping track of the organizational monitoring

Major organizations such as universities, schools, and businesses tend to block certain websites. They do so to prevent the access of organizational members to those websites. In most cases, educational and business organizations use a proxy server to monitor websites that deal with social content.


From the above, it stands out that a proxy server proves to be handy for users in many ways. These advantages make a proxy server a must for data safety and security on the Internet.

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