Using Multiple Proxies at Once: How to Get Started

Using Multiple Proxies

Many networks will allow their users to run multiple residential proxies with unlimited concurrent sessions but this is often counteracted by certain companies or specific websites that adopt concurrent usage licensing.

Multiple Proxies help in preventing DDOS attacks and protect many organizations from online crime and unsavory internet activities from hackers.

Concurrent Usage Licensing 

Concurrent usage licensing restricts the number of sessions that can be connected simultaneously to the database on the specified computer.

It enables users to set a limit on the number of concurrent sessions before they start an instance. Users also then have the ability to alter the maximum number of concurrent sessions while the database is running.

Connecting Privileges

After reaching the instance’s session limit, only users with restricted connection session privilege can connect to the database. When a user with restricted connection session privileges connects, they receive a message indicating that the maximum limit has been reached, and that message is forwarded to the alert file. When the maximum is reached, users must only connect to terminate unwanted processes.

Concurrent Servers

The ultimate goal of a concurrent server is to provide concurrent service to multiple clients. This is usually achieved in one of two ways; by relying on multitasking OS or by simulating multitasking in a server.

The only issues with this are that the server platform could dictate what type is used and the ease of implementation is not great plus as the DOS is not multitasking, it leaves only one choice.

How To Start Using Multiple Proxies

Casual internet users wouldn’t necessarily know how to go deep into their browser’s settings to configure a proxy so some would argue there is a gap in the market. Opportunist entrepreneurs and web developers have attempted to exploit that hole by developing new proxy browsers and multiple residential proxies with unlimited concurrent sessions.

The modules are versatile and allow users to connect to the internet and change their proxy extremely quickly and give the ability to have a different proxy in each tab.

Multiple Proxies allow users to connect to as many proxies as they want simultaneously and contain session control technology. This enables each tab to act as its own isolated system apart from every other tab within the proxy browser solution. Connecting to multiple sites at the same time is fast and uninterrupted in a safe and secure environment. 

These solutions can be expensive but there are not many alternative options around to combat the security obstacles. Running unlimited concurrent sessions is possible but not without investment, challenges, and patience from the user.

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