5 Most Important Ranking Factors to Consider in Amazon SEO

An Intro to the Amazon Search Algorithm

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world! The algorithm that facilitates millions of customers is no joke. The search algorithm of Amazon is known as A9.

The name is after the company that handles the SEO of Amazon. They manage advertising and search technologies. And they claim to make these searches highly available, scalable, and cross-platform-supportive for the parent company (Amazon) as well as other clients.

Unlike Google’s searches, which are predominantly informational searches, Amazon’s searches are basically transactional. And that’s why the A9 algorithm comes down to focus on only a couple of factors. They are:

  • Performance
  • Relevance

You have to optimize your product page keeping the aforementioned factors in mind. Because both of them are crucial ranking factors.

If you manage to address both these factors, you will be able to convert and sell more on the site. Now let’s discuss the top-ranking factors according to the A9 algorithm.

Ranking Factors to Consider in Amazon SEO

  1. Sales Rank
  2. Customers’ Reviews
  3. Answered Questions
  4. Customer Retention and Satisfaction
  5. Conversion Rate

1. Sales Rank

It is a value that is generated by Amazon. It indicates how well a specific product is selling as compared to other products of the same categories or subcategories. You will find this value in the listing information of the product. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sales rank indicates the selling efficiency of a product on the basis of recent sales.
  • Amazon updates the sales rank for every product every hour.
  • This value cannot be controlled or manipulated.
  • Simply put, it is a metric that tells the performance of every product.
  • To improve your sales ranking, take note of all the competing products in your category. And particularly those with top sakes ranks. This will help you see what you are up against.

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2. Customers’ Reviews

Amazon’s review system is perhaps its key strength. It facilitates buyers to figure out the product’s quality before they make a purchase. It totally makes sense that Amazon considers it as a proper ranking factor. Products, which are reviewed highly, get a ranking boost.

  • The quality of every review matters.
  • The number of total reviews, which have been accumulated also matter.
  • Consider asking your customers proactively to take a moment and leave a review. It will give you better scores and will boost your ranking.

3. Answered Questions

If you look at the top sections of your product page, you’ll see the listed answered questions. These questions provide a great opportunity for your products to be better understood.

Your potential customers can see and understand what they are buying. Typically, Amazon community members answer these questioned. This means you are relying on others to get accurate answers.

But if you are a seller, you can step in and provide useful information about your products to the potential buyers.

Amazon’s algorithm considers product listings with comprehensive answers more useful and informative. And hence, it contributes to better ranking. The weight of this ranking is never revealed.

However, it is always a good practice to answer these questions whenever they are submitted. Because even if your product doesn’t get a ranking boost, your chances of generating better sales increase.

4. Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Amazon is all about customers and their experience. You need to ensure that you are providing a good service overall. Following factors contribute to the rankings:

  • Customers’ feedback
  • The defect rate of orders
  • The refund rates

Start treating the Amazon platform just like the way you want to be treated when you visit a brick-and-mortar store. You would want them to greet you with a smile and ask you where you need help.

If you have the same mindset with your products and product pages on Amazon, you can provide a great shopping experience. You’ll be able to impress the A9 algorithm and it will give you a ranking boost.

5. Conversion Rate

The ultimate aim of Amazon is to sell as many products as they can. This means that products with higher conversion rates get ranking boosts. As a seller, you can’t manipulate or control the conversion rate.

But you can work on creating better deals for your customers to generate better sales. As a seller, you will be incentivized if you offer better and competitive prices.

Facilitate your customers just like TeamViewer remote management software facilitates you. You will have a higher conversion rate and it will earn you a top slot in the search results page.

With an increased conversion rate, you can dislodge the other product listings, which are not performing so well from the standpoint of conversion.

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