What are Amazon Product Listings? Tried and Tested Tips to Optimize

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Amazon Product Listings

Amazon is one of the largest and successful e-commerce platforms with around 310 million active users. This urges for a tremendous presence of the products to augment its sales. 

How well the sellers present their product to the customers on Amazon have a huge effect on product sales. This is the reason why it is recommended to be very cautious while listing the products on Amazon.

What are Amazon Product Listings?

Amazon Product Listings are the product pages designed for each product you sell on Amazon. These are the pages that convince your customers to make a purchase or leave it without purchasing anything.

Amazon Product Listing has a tremendous impact on sales figures. Simply, convince the users by providing valuable information regarding the product.

And bingo…you crack the sale. Do you know 95% of the Amazon Product Listings are not set-up correctly? Isn’t it something shocking…? But yes, this is completely true.

Optimized Amazon product listing leads your website towards a higher ranking. And High ranking is always rewarded with quality traffic, increase in sales and revenue too.

Interesting right? Check out some tried and tested tips from the listing experts if you are also seeking to boost your sale on Amazon.

Tried and Tested Tips to Optimize the Amazon Product Listing

1) Make Product Title as Better As Possible

What is the first component of a product page the catches the immediate attention of the potential customers?

Obviously, it is the product title! A product title is the most indispensable part of the product page. Optimize it as much as possible.

Emphasize on including the main keyword at the beginning for better optimization. While writing the title, remember you are writing it for humans first – it is not only to satisfy the algorithms.

Amazon provides the limit of 250 characters which is around 50 words and this is quite enough to write an influencing and narrative title. To make the title self-explanatory you can add model no., color, type, etc. 

This will make your title look like a mini-description and your product will get more exposure.

2) Images are the Backbone of the Amazon Product Listing

Images are the Backbone of the Amazon Product Listing

You cannot sell a product to the customers without showing it… Agree?

In the case of physical shops, the products are showcased very nicely to the customers. People can easily touch and inspect the product in a detailed way there.

But in case of online shopping, your sole weapon to showcase the product is the product images. On this part, you have to come up with the best.

This is the proven fact that visuals attract more rather than texts. Prefer adding quality and clear images taken from every angle.

Avoid adding just 2-3 images; instead, add at least 4-5 images with the feasibility to zoom in and zoom out. This will give more and better exposure to the people.

3) Make Appropriate Use of Bullet Points

Content presented in bullet points is of prime importance in the Amazon product listing. Catch the attention of the users presenting valuable information using the bullet points.

Make the best use of bullet points to highlight the main features of the product and impress your clients.

Remember one thing, people are always more interested in knowing the important information regarding the product rather than reading the story.

That’s why bullet points have an edge over the description part.

Always add catchy and enticing information using the bullets that you think fit to grab instant attention. Most of the times bullets cover vital information which people are generally interested in knowing.

4) Detailed Description for Better Responses

Detailed Description for Better Responses

Amazon provides the limit of 2000 characters to present the product description. This is nearly 300 words.

Make the users familiar with every aspect of the product elaborating it in the description. Always assist them with descriptions having good readability and easy to understand.

Make use of short sentences and try to add your targeted keywords to optimize the description perfectly. The product description is always there to help the users to know a product better, so never forget to explain the features and benefits.

Your description can give a good reason for potential customers to buy the product.

5) Reviews and Ratings

This is the fact that review and rating do have a good influence on the buyer’s decision. As per the study, 67% of the buyers look for reviews before making a purchase decision.

Many times even the price is not the concern if the product is having good reviews. Hence, always encourage your users to leave a review and rating in the concern of the product.

The qualitative product itself speaks in the form of positive reviews, this further helps in fostering the sale of the product. On the other hand, reviews give you the room for improvement in case any quality issue persists.

This is one of the effective ways to improve quality and performance. Working on such products, it’s easy to strengthen the base and avail the benefit in the long run.

6) Emphasize on Price Correctness

Price of the product has always been a major concern for most of the users. Any kind of laxity or incorrectness in pricing can make the users turn their nose up.

As a result, at least they will not buy the product and the sale of the product will be hampered. On the contrary, it will also lead to a loss of trust and credibility.

To ensure correctness and profitability, it’s better to explore the prices of the top ten competitors and then decide the lowest and most profitable pricing.

It has been observed that 9 out of 10 consumers check the product prices on Amazon. So, if a user finds the lowest price deal on Amazon then why would he not prefer to buy?

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7) Amazon Product Listing must be Mobile Compatible

Amazon Product Listing must be Mobile Compatible

As per the stats, 79% of the users’ order product via mobile phones. This stat has cleared the picture that every product page must be mobile compatible.

Nowadays people prefer to use mobile phones over laptops or desktops because of portability and it’s handy. Mobile compatible product pages allow users to make a purchase from any corner of the world.

Therefore, it better to build your Amazon product listing keeping the mobiles phones in view and deliver an amazing experience.

8) Split Testing really Works

Would you not be interested in knowing –What works best for the users on your product page? Start performing split testing and serves the users with the best.

Make changes on the major elements inside your listing and check if the response is getting better or not? If the response is improving then go with the new version of the Amazon product Listing.

And if the previous one was performing better then change it back. This way the productivity and performance of the Amazon product listing can be enhanced.

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9) Optimization is a Continuous Process

After adding all relevant information, you are deeming the Amazon product listing done and dusted then you are totally off base. 

It is always an ongoing process and sellers should always strive to find the rooms for improvement. One needs to be updated with what is working and what is not?

As discussed earlier, split testing will help you in this concern and let you come up with the best elements on the product page. In this manner, you can consistently eliminate the weak part of the page and replace it with a productive one.

As a result, you can own the best version of the product page for your products.


Showcasing the product in a detailed way is one of the fruitful ways to make a customer contented. Amazon product listing gives you a platform to present the product in a detailed way so that you left no stone unturned.

Once a potential customer is satisfied with the given information, probably he may proceed to make a purchase. So it’s better not to leave any scope that can lead to product page abandonment.

If finding it difficult and not much familiar with the perfect optimization tips for Amazon product listing, check out the above mentioned tried and tested tips. And encounter the noticeable difference in your Amazon products sale. 

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