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Barriers to Master The AI Industry
Artificial Intelligence

Three Barriers You Need to Overcome to Master The Artificial Intelligence Industry

From the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known for improvising the best wins in the tech industry. The world today is ready to process data and conceptualize ideation at a blazing speed with the help of AI. For humans, it can right away streamline extremely complex issues and a massive amount of data into brilliant solutions in real-time. The International Data Corporation has predicted, “The Global Data sphere will grow to 175 Zettabytes by 2025.” 

Therefore, to understand what lies ahead in the AI realm for humans, we need to comprehend the following three AI challenges. 

1) Data Difficulty: 

  • Accenture cites, “By 2035, AI Technologies will enable 38% profit gains.If that is the case, then data needs to be collected in the accurate volume and layout. It is extremely challenging to state the importance of rich data related to the AI industry. The result of an AI platform will only be great if the data used is precise, correct, and unbeatable in quality. 
  • A great Artificial Intelligence course ensures to teach the aspiring data scientists the analogy of analyzing correct data in the right format. Machine Learning is a subset of AI which feeds the different types of data to AI algorithms. If this feeding is not done accurately, then the outcome of the AI platform can be a biased one. Therefore, as humans, we need to consciously understand what data should be used precisely to generate relevant output. 

2) The Skillset Scarcity: 

  • According to Forbes, “Marketing and sales prioritize AI and machine learning 40% higher than any other department in enterprises today.”  You name any segment of the business world today and AI is a major part of it. Despite AI giving the world new goals in terms of lesser human interaction, still, human skill scarcity is what is being seen in this industry. AI is a technology partnership between humans and automation. If this partnership needs to work profoundly, mastering AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning skills are a must. 
  • If you search data analytics frequently asked questions on Google, you will get a list of skills you need to master right away. MMC Ventures states, “Demand for AI talent has doubled in the last two years. And talent, which is increasing, remains in short supply with two roles available for every AI professional today. Technology and financial service companies are currently absorbing 60% of AI talent.” 

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3) The Platform Perplexity: 

  • Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is emerging in every walk of life. Therefore, it is very difficult to state which platform works well for AI. For faster working, with the same type of data threads, it will be easier to run various AI algorithms simultaneously across various cloud computing platforms for a particular business context point of view. However, it is extremely difficult to administer the code for such a task.  
  • Therefore, most of the organizations want to opt for AI technology without putting a lot of stress on their finances; reorganizing their entire IT system. So, companies are still looking for AI platforms that add the leverage of understanding today’s datasets and adjust with the datasets of the future along with efficient cost-effective measures.   

To Conclude: 

Without a doubt, AI is the talk of the town. However, to gain maximum benefit out of it, industries need great minds that can comprehend AI flawlessly. The only way to bridge this gap of demand and supply of human skill in the AI industry is to upgrade the knowledge related to data science.  

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