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10 Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2020

Keylogger Apps

Trust is an integral part of any relationship. However, it can be easily eroded if one partner suspects that the other is cheating on them. To protect the interest of your relationship, you may want to keep an eye on the activities of your partner. 

Well, this doesn’t mean hiring a secret detective to follow them around. Gaining access to their phone is enough. You can know almost everything about someone by accessing their phone. So how do you access someone’s phone without them knowing?

Android Keylogger is the best solution. With a Keylogger, you can know everything you’re the other person types on their phone. This is because the Keylogger app records every keystroke they type on their device. Here are the 10 outstanding Android Keyloggers in 2020.

Best Android Keyloggers in 2020

1. Spyzie – Leading Android Keylogger in 2020

Without a doubt, Spyzie is one of the outstanding Android Keylogger in the market. The app is a phone tracking solution that offers full access to the data on a target Android device. The app is also compatible with an iPhone.

One of the unique features of Spyzie is the Android Keylogger feature. It is designed to log every keystroke made on the target Android device. This means that if your target types a text message, the Keylogger feature logs the text.

If they type their username and password for any social media app, Keylogger records the same. Every post, message, and the draft they make on their device is logged and saved in the Keylogger menu. Through your dashboard, you can access the data remotely.


Why is Spyzie the most Outstanding Android Keylogger?

There are many reasons why we’ve chosen Spyzie as the most outstanding Android Keylogger in 2020. We’ll share a few of these.

Little to no Technical Experience Required

When people hear about spy app, they believe you must have some level of technical know-how to use it. This is true in some cases, especially if you have to root or jailbreak your target device. With Spyzie, you don’t need any technical experience. 

If you can operate a Smartphone, you can use the Spyzie Android Keylogger. The setup is very simple and it takes a few minutes to activate.

No Rooting Required

For many Android Keylogger apps, you have to root your target Android before you can use them. Rooting is a technical process that requires technical knowledge. You may run into problems while rooting a device, even with your technical experience.

With Spyzie, there’s no such thing as rooting your target Android device. You can access the key logs on the device without compromising its safety through rooting.

Web-based and Stealth Mode

Spyzie is fully web-based. This means you don’t need any installation on your device to access it. It also works in stealth mode, which makes it undetectable by your target.

Huge Feature Options

Keylogger is one of the unique features of Spyzie. You can do more with the app. It allows you to view the social media activities of your target remotely. You can also read their incoming and outgoing text messages; see their locations and phone call logs.

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2. Spyier – Reputable Android Keylogger

Next on our list of outstanding Android Keylogger in 2020 is Spyier. This app offers effective phone tracking and keylogging features for Android devices. It also works with iOS devices. It stores the keystrokes on a target device and transmits the same to the user’s dashboard.

This means whatever your target types on their device; you can view it through your dashboard. The app works in stealth mode, which makes it undetectable. 

Like other Android Keylogger app, you have to install the Spyier app to access its keylogging feature. However, you don’t need to root the device. The app is web-based and can be accessed on any web browser.


3. Spyic – Well-Known Android Keylogger Solution

When you need to track the phone activities of your spouse or children, Spyic is a great app to consider. It has an interesting interface that makes it easy to use. 

It also comes with some great features, which include call log GPS-location tracking, social media activities monitoring, and more. 

Its Keylogger feature is highly effective and it stores data in a well-organized manner. With this Android Keylogger, you don’t have to guess your target’s phone activities again.


4. NeatSpy – Highly Reliable Android Keylogger

There’s no way the list of outstanding Android Keyloggers in 2020 will be complete without NeatSpy. NeatSpy is a reputable Android Keylogger with a huge user-base. The app has received glowing reviews and feedback from users and tech communities.

It is rated as one of the best spy apps in the market. Its Keylogger feature is distinct and offers real-time data. 

Whatever message or draft that your target makes on their device, NeatSpy transmits it in an organized manner to your dashboard. The app makes spying on someone’s Android phone very seamless.


5. Spyine – Popular Android Keylogger Solution

Spyine deserves a top spot on the list of popular and outstanding Android Keylogger apps in 2020. The app is highly effective and you can be sure that the data it provides is accurate. It is a safe app and has enjoyed great patronage over the years.

Of course, you can access more features than Keylogger on the app. However, the Keylogger feature is one of its unique attractions. It works discreetly without affecting the smooth running of the target Android. It is web-based and can be accessed on any web browser.


6. Minspy – Fast-rising Android Keylogger App

Although it’s relatively new in the industry, Minspy has become a top-rated Android Keylogger app. It has gained popularity, thanks to its simple interface and effectiveness. You don’t need any special skills to use the app and the Keylogging features work optimally.

It logs each keystroke typed on your target device. It organizes the key logs according to the app in which it was used. This means you can easily browse through the data without stress.


7. ClickFree – Android Keylogger of Choice for Parents

This is an exclusive parental control tool for people that want to monitor the phone activities of children. With this app, you don’t have to imagine what your child does online. You can see everything remotely. 

The Keylogger lets you see what they send and save on their device. ClickFree Android Keylogger is minimalistic and doesn’t require any experience from the user. You can use It irrespective of your tech knowledge.


8. FoneMonitor – Affordable Android Keylogger Solution

If you’re on a budget and you want an effective Android Keylogger app, FoneMonitor is a good choice. The app lets you view the keystrokes made on your target Android device discreetly. You never have to worry about getting caught because it works in stealth mode.


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9. TeenSafe – Perfect Android Keylogger for Parents

TeenSafe is another outstanding Android Keylogger solution for parents with teenagers. Teenagers are prone to making mistakes and falling into the wrong hands. With TeenSafe, you have fewer things to worry about. 

The app lets you access the data on your child’s phone. You can see everything they type and send through their phone. You just have to log in to your dashboard and check the Keylogger menu. You’ll see the data in an organized manner.


10. GuestSpy – The Employer Android Keylogger of Choice

If you want to track your employees’ phone, GuestSpy is a great spy app of choice. The app also has an effective Keylogger that lets you see all keystrokes typed on your target device. 

If you’ve been worried that your employees are selling your company’s information, GuesSpy will help to reveal the truth.


If you’ve been looking for the perfect Android Keylogger to use, here are the best and outstanding options for you. You can choose any of these but if you want the most outstanding, Spyzie is the right choice.

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