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Top 15 Best Data Centre Providers in India

Best Data Centre Providers

We all know India is one of the growing digital markets. With 400+ data centres globally, India shares 9% of the data market in terms of the capacity of holding data. Now in 2020, India is trying to develop the significant Data Centre business.

Here is a list of the top 15 best data centre services providers in India. All the data centres in our list provide the best services and security of data worldwide.

Best Data Centres in India

1) CtrLs Data Center

CtrlS data centre is one of the biggest data centres in Asia, which hosts many service providers. It is Asia’s leading data centre company, Managed Hosting Services provider and IT Infrastructure and with services like Disaster Recovery, Storage and Backup, Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, Platforms, and Network.

As you are reading this article, you must know that CtrlS is the first four rated certified data center in India.

The best thing about CtrlS is that it guaranteed an up-time of 99.995%. This aspect makes CtrlS the most favoured Data Center provider across India as well as Asia also.

2) Netmagic Solutions

Netmagic Solutions the leading data centre in India was founded in 1998 and obtained by NTT Communications in 2012. Representing considerable authority in Internet Data Center, Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security, Cloud Computing, Application Hosting, Messaging and Collaboration, and DR. 

It is the best Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT company with nine bearers and scientific hyper-scale servers. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai and conveys its best service to Enterprise clients and communication clients across the Europe Asia-Pacific area. Netmagic has been awarded three times at the CIO Choice Award and Frost and Sullivan India Digital Transformation Awards.

3) Reliance Communications

Well, all of you are well known about Reliance. It is one of the biggest companies in the communication market, and Reliance Datacenter is part of it. 

Reliance data centre runs 9 data centres of level 3 each and is almost in 6,50,000 hosting area. Reliance manages 25000 servers per day and has 350 firewall systems to keep their server safe from malware. Including India, Reliance has data centres in 52 other countries.

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4) BSNL Data Center

BSNL data center is also the best data center handling 6 data centers in different states of India. It covers almost 65000sq feet of hosting space.

BSNL data centre is TIA 942 certified, ISO 20001, and ISO 27001 protocol. This data centre serves hosting, managed hosting, colocation services, and cloud computing. All the servers are managed systematically in racks, and security is 24/7 for safeguarding them.

5) Tata Communications

I am sure everyone is well known about Tata. Tata communication offers a variety of services to its users. It provides services like managed individual servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers, remote hands, and cages. 

It has 17 data centres, 7 in India and 3 in the USA and others in the UK and Singapore. Tata offers a multi-cloud environment, a hybrid which enables a reliable, high-performance, and secure application experience. Tata communication also provides cloud computing and network security.

6) GPX Global Systems Inc

GPX Global Systems Inc is located in Mumbai. This data centre provides multiple ISPs and carriers with reasonable prices.

GPX’s total space in Mumbai is 105,000 square feet. GPX Mumbai hosts 12 telecom companies, around 120 internet service companies, eight cloud service providers, and global CDNs.

7) Sify

Sify is also one of the leading data centres in India, having 5 data centres of level three. It is India’s first data centre company. Sify has high scalability and Z plus security to protect its server.

Sify offers end to end ICT solutions including telecom services, cloud & managed services, data centre services, transformation, and application integration services.


ESDS was established in 2005. It provides excellent services which include Managed Data Center Services, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery Hosting and Managed Cloud Solutions. It provides its services to 19 countries worldwide.

9) NxtGen

NxtGen is one of the leading data centre companies in India. It provides its services in almost all Indian states.

NxtGen offers cloud-based services and IT infrastructure services. It also started providing Enterprise Cloud Services to personal and shared clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

10) Nxtra Data Limited

This data centre was first known as the Bharti’s business of Data Center. It has data centres in Manesar, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, and Pune.

Nxtra Data is famous for high-density solutions, secure sages, hybrid colocation, cloud services, managed services, and data recovery. It is one of the fastest developing data centres in India.

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11) Web Werks

It is the first data centre company in India capable of OIX-2 and hosts an OIX-1 IXP. Microsoft, Google, Godrej, Canon, TATA, Netflix, Facebook, Akamai, etc are some of the reputed companies that take services from Web Werks.

Web Werks offers hosting services on dedicated servers, cloud servers, multiple-locations, virtualization, and disaster recovery. It is an SAP Certified and award-winning data centre having third-tier servers. All the servers are hyper-scale and artificial intelligence control.

12) Tulip Data City

Tulip data city is one of the biggest data centres in Asia in 2012. It covers over 9 lakh square feet area with twelve thousand rack spaces.

It offers services like managed hosting, cloud servers and virtual servers. Data centres have high-security surveillance and chemical imbalance detectors.

13) Net4 Datacenter 

Net4 is one of the ISO 27001 certified developing data centre in India. It has data centres in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

It uses robust firewalls and various different security options to protect its users from hackers. All the centres are well ventilated with air conditioners to cool the servers. More than one lakh websites are hosted in Net4.

14) Future Soft

Futuresoft is a source of global information ruling over India, the USA, and EMEA. Future Soft provides an end to end digital solutions.

It offers cloud services, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, data analytics, products centre of excellence, consulting services, IT managed services, business process outsourcing, and application services. The Future Soft data centre works on Level 4 in SEI CMMI®. 

15) Techvivid Systems(TVSL)

Techvivid Systems (TVSL) is one of the market-leading company, providing different telecom services.TVSL offers IT system management, IT asset management, data centre & consulting, industrial data networks, intercom systems, application development services, and surveillance systems.

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