Top 20 IoT Development Companies in 2020

IoT Development Companies 2020

Ever wondered about sitting back at home and getting your job done just by one click on the mobile or the computer, with the help of the internet.

Sounds so relaxing right? We already enjoy a lot of services provided by our Internet but still more to go. Immense value can be added to our lives with the invention of new IoT applications.

A system of several interrelated computers, machines and digital machines, object, people or the animals that have different unique identifiers (UIDs) and the transferability of data over any network without needing ay interaction, whether human to human or human to computer, is the internet of things, or IoT.

A lot of devices are now connected by the IoT and to make the devices user-friendly, the tech start-ups and enterprises which are already established are linking the devices to operate together. Form every field, teams of varying scope are there in the best IoT companies.

Working with IoT to provide integrated platforms for the functioning of the IoT devices together is very difficult. But all the companies, the start-ups, they are designing interfaces of a unified app for speeding up user adoption. Let us see the top 20 IoT development companies in 2020.

1) IBM

IBM is a leading company in the production of computer hardware, middleware, and software and selling them. A lot of products are developed by IBM in IoT, which includes a platform of message for the machine to machine (M2M) data, namely Message Sight.

  • Services like hosting and consulting for different areas, such as mainframes computers to nanotechnology.
  • Famous IoT solutions of IBM include Watson IoT, Enterprise Asset Management by IBM.
  • IBM also provides Financial Services, Banking and Retail services.

2) Siemens

Siemens is one of the most leading organizations in providing various systems like power generation, transmission, and medical diagnosis.

  • Mind Sphere is the cloud-based IoT open operating system from Siemens.
  • To build and operate microgrids, the company provides products, solutions, and services as well. 
  • Siemens also works for various branches such as industries, healthcare, energy, financial services, and any more.

3) SAP

SAP is a leader in Digital Platforms, Intelligent Technologies, Analytics and more are produced by SAP. It was founded in 1972 in Walldorf, Germany. 

  • In industries such as Energy and Natural Resources, Finance, Consumer Industries etc, SAP provides services.
  • SAP has many branches like SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP Edge Services, and SAP Cloud Platform.

4) Bosch

It is the leader in providing Services and products in IoT technology. Bosch IoT Suite provides services in other technologies like Drive and Control Technology, Packaging Technology, Power tools for Professionals, Security and Software Solutions

  • It provides the IoT Suite to connect and manage devices, sensors, and gateways.
  • Secure access management is ensured.

5) Qualcomm

One of the oldest companies, Qualcomm is in San Diego, USA. Multiple electronic products like consumer electronics, mobile processors, mobile computing, etc are created by Qualcomm. The most important clients are Telbios, CTS Telecom and Verizon. 

  • Qualcomm launched the smart cities accelerator program.
  • They sell IoT based music equipment which can be supported by any source of Qualcomm Technologies.

6) GE Digital

Proving a platform of IIOT, it even offers various services such as Implementation Services, Support Services, Industrial Managed Services, Education Services, Data Services, etc.

  • Software services and advisory are also provided by GE Digital.
  • It has several industrial apps, for example, Predix Asset Performance Management.
  • It provides services in different industries like chemicals, steel manufacturing, automobile, food, and beverage, etc.

7) Huawei

Huawei is a multinational company. It produces different types of equipment like telecom equipment, consumer electronics and also networking equipment.

  • It is majorly popular for its phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Huawei provides smart water solutions, AMI Smart meter reading, etc.
  • It provides equipment and machines such as Shared Bike Lock, Elevators, Smoke Detection Smart Building, etc.

8) ARM

Arm provides software solutions and pre-integrated subsystems that meet these needs and enable customers and partners to design and deploy flexible IoT solutions quickly.

  • It makes RISC multi-core processors of 32 and 64 bit and is popular for them.
  • For connectivity management, also device and data management, it serves a device to the data platform, for IoT.
  • Products like Mbed OS, IoT SoC Solutions and Kigen SIM Solutions are also provided by ARM. 
  • To various industries like Automobile, Logistics, Healthcare, and others, it provides AI, IoT, and security.

9) Cisco

Spreading over the world, it has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. various products and services are provided in the field of Networking, IoT, Mobility, and Wireless, etc.

  • The Internet Protocol-based networking products and products in relation to communications and IT industry are designed, manufactured and sold by Cisco and is well-known for it.
  • Various solutions are provided for IoT of IoT Networking, IoT Gateways, IoT security, etc.
  • Cisco Provides services in various industries like Energy, Education Financial Services and Transportation

10) PTC

PTC Company Provides CAD, PLM, Augmented Reality, IoT and many other services. The company is founded in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • IIOT solutions are provided by the company.
  • The company productions are available in several industries such as Automobile, Utilities, Software, Medical, etc.
  • It has applications in manufacturing, service, and operations.

Best IoT Startup Companies

11) Vates

For ensuring that the product is market-ready, the IoT Engineers and Systems Integrators at Vates, employ services that high-end prototyping. Assistance during the critical decisions which arise during designing and developing, in an IoT project, is provided by Vates.

  • IoT solutions are provided end to end.
  • They specialize in the development of IoT Software.

12) HQ Company

Several different services like custom software development, development of Mobile App, consulting and prototyping, software re-engineering are provided by the HQ Software Industrial IoT Company.

  • HQ provides different IoT solutions such as Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, etc.
  • Devices and sensors with high-level development are included in the software.
  • High-level development is also present in data analysis, UI/UX Design Web and also in Mobile App development.

13) R-Style

Services for things like Mobile Applications, Web front-end reporting and analytics are provided for an IoT project by the R-Style Lab IoT Software Company. It also provides services for Middleware and Low-level, backend infrastructure and integration.

  • Custom IoT software development services are provided by the company.
  • Well-known for its software development services.
  • Solutions for Smart Home, Industrial IoT also Healthcare IoT are also served by the company.

14) VironIt

The company is founded in 2004 in Belarusian. It is one of the biggest companies with IoT start-ups. Various solutions of IoT are integrated by the specialized teams after having a lot of knowledge and experience. AR, VR, and Mixed reality are basically the genres of their IoT work.

  • With several special effects augmented or virtual reality projects are made.
  • New projects are made with the accumulation of AR/VR and Mixed Reality.
  • For controlling virtual reality devices, the company provides custom mobile apps.
  • An ECG simulator that is built on a virtual-reality based is contributed to the medical industries.

15) Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks Company provides Quality IoT software on demand. It is one of the IoT companies which is certified with the accreditation of ANIAB. The offices of this company are spread out all over the world in various countries.

  • Well-known for IoT projects like commercial, smart home solutions.
  • Client support, cloud adapter, and several such application solutions are provided for the IoT products.
  • Partnership with Google Cloud and IBM is maintained.
  • A mobile application for Fujitsu for controlling the heating and cooling system of all products across the world is created by Ayla and is famous for it.

16) Fusion Informatics

Top Indian IoT company with offices all over the USA and UAE. They have several services in different industries of the IoT sector like retail, banking, healthcare, smart home applications, etc.

  • Services like IoT App Security, development of IoT Software and others are provided.
  • The top priorities of the company are research contribution to AI, machine learning, blockchain, etc.
  • In the field of IoT, the three main services are healthcare, business, and home.

17) Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions is a popular company, founded in 1986. It is an IoT solution company with solutions to different fields like industry, home, transportation, healthcare, retail, etc.

  • Their most popular IoT applications are telematics and fleet management, supply chain management, etc.
  • For the cloud platform, they use SAP HANA, Amazon web service, and Microsoft Azure.
  • A monitoring system of refrigerator temperature which can be used without the internet is invented by Telit.

18) Foghorn

It is the most effective in the industrial IoT field. They use edge intelligence software properly and their products are basically designed for industrial purposes.

  • They use a complex event processor for an extensive outcome in the industrial field.
  • The invented software, Lighting Edge ML which runs in the machine learning algorithm strongly to the edge applications of IoT.

19) Intersog

It is a development based IoT company, founded in 2005 in Chicago, USA. It produces quality IoT products. For IoT solutions, they provide services to industries like retailing, transportation, banking, etc.

  • For better output analysis of data integration connectivity of IoT devices are done.
  • IoT consultancy is also provided.
  • Emphasizing on connected devices and security.  

20) PixelCrayons

Both consumer and industrial IoT services are provided by the PixelCrayons. They provide not only services but also IoT solutions. Like mobile apps, development, blockchain, etc.

  • All types of applications of IoT can be provided for the wearable devices.
  • Maintenance and support are provided to IoT products.
  • They have many popular IoT apps like connected cars, smart home appliances, and many others.

These were the top 20 IoT companies by far, there are many other companies like Solution Analyst, Litmus Automation, TechAhed, etc. internet-of-things is growing at a rapid pace nowadays and is a very important part of all spheres of life. 

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