Best IoT App Examples You Should Know

The Internet of things is a revolutionary invention which brings physical devices to the digital realm. It is a future of how we associate different things with the internet.

The IoT is basically a combination of two things, sensors + connectivity which are applied to everyday operations and objects.

The internet of things has covered all the available industry verticales. From healthcare management to supply chain management, from wearable devices to soil monitoring and smart farming, IoT based applications help users to carry out respective operations without the need of physical appearance.

In this article, we have demonstrated 7 best IoT examples to inspire you so you can dive deeper into learning how these smart applications have been reshaping the world to be a better place. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

7 Best IoT App Examples You Should Know

1. Elderly Care Monitoring

Elderly Care Monitoring is the best example of an IoT system implemented by BeClose company, located in Virginia, with the goal to target 10 million Americans over the age of 65 who live alone. The system takes care of those people living independently and tracks the daily routine with regards to their well-being.

The system uses a range of IoT spencers placed throughout the home to navigate a person’s routine. Open/Close sensors are placed to cabinets and doors to monitor activity levels and medication usages.

The company has attached presence sensors beneath chairs, maitresses, toilet mats in order to track a person’s physical activities like sleeping, sitting, bathing, and many more.

2. Smart Tennis Rackets

Babolat, a French company has been producing tennis equipment since 1875, has now launched a tennis racquet called Babolat that utilises sensors integrated in the handle to assess player’s game time.

The company has partnered with Movea to develop this racquet that uses MEMS technology to identify the type of shot played by the tennis player, generated power, and effect of the shot.

Moreover, the racquet also records how often the ball hits the perfect spot of the racquet. In addition to that, it also stores the time spent on the tennis court and sends all the collected information to the tablets or mobile devices via bluetooth, so you can analyse your game play later.

3. Soil Monitoring – TenCate GeoDetect

Most of us see earth as a regular surface where we build homes, walk, run, and so on. But, for geotechnical engineers, it is quite a different story. They have to test and shape soil to support building dams, roads, and other multi-storage infrastructures. They have to verify the soil in order to avoid risk of sinkholes, landslides, earthquakes, and many more.

GroDetect has brought an amazing solution for monitoring soil. The system senses changes in the soil using fiber optic cables woven into a mat. Any critical changes or temperature changes in the ground results in light passing through the optical fiber. So far, TenCate GeoDetect has served many sectors like railways, levees, dams, earth-reinforcement walls, landfills, and many more.

4. Smart Barcode Reader

IoT Barcode Readers can help in better stock administration for retailers. The barcode reader supports AI-based digital signal processing. These gadgets can improve the tasks of numerous areas including retail supply chain management, stockroom, and many more. IoT based barcode readers include cloud information associations with different frameworks. 

Utilizing the connected barcode readers will facilitate the method involved with overseeing stock.  IoT based barcode readers can be consolidated into shopping carts. The readers use AI-based sensors to recognize items as they are dropped or eliminated from the truck.

The barcode readers can move information to the PC naturally, and that can save a great deal of time in checkout, bringing about a flawless experience for the customers.

5. Smart Supply Chain Management

Smart supply chain manager uses routing and re-routing algorithms in order to carry out improved predictions about product supply. Smart IoT devices integrated with the packages provide accurate facts using GPS and RFID signals which results in getting adequate supply chain decisions.

The IoT based application helps eliminate risks associated with supply chain management. Supply chain managers can utilise smart supply chain management software to reduce cost, minimise varise, and increase overall profitability.

Such IoT based programmes allow users to manage inventory and vendor relationships. In addition to that, it can help in fleet management and product maintenance.

6. Smart Farming

IoT based smart farming application is a blessing for farmers who can utilize these apps in a lot of farming related activities. These IoT based farming applications help farmers detect nutrients and moisture levels of the soil. Moreover, it helps them determine the right time for harvesting plants and fertilising the soil.

According to BI intelligence report, the agriculture field with IoT based applications will grow at the rate of 20 percent by the end 2021. Since IoT technologies provide adequate measures for farming, one can precisely perform operations related to farming.

Smart Elements, ALLMETOE, and Pynco are some of the examples of IoT based applications used in smart farming which help farmers detect weather conditions, land condition and other environmental data.

7. Connected Healthcare System

IoT based applications have numerous advantages when it comes to providing service in the healthcare system. World’s renowned IoT app development companies offer this technology that has a huge impact on enhancing high-quality medical services using smart IoT-based medical devices. This technology is also referred to as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) which can help in analysing vital medical data of patients.

IoT based medical devices can help continuously observing patients distantly. The gadgets can report a crisis like an asthma assault, cardiovascular breakdown, and so forth, quickly to a doctor. This can help in conceivably saving the lives of numerous people. 

IoT gadgets can gather medical care information including pulse, sugar levels, oxygen, and weight. Information is put away on the web and can be gotten to by a doctor. IoT computerizes the work process by permitting the arrangement of compelling medical care administrations to the patients.

Final Say

We hope this article will help you identify the best IoT application used in different industry verticals. Tell us what you think about this article, do share your views in the comment section below.

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