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Top 4 Best Reminder Apps to Have on Your Android Phone

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Being forgetful is normal, especially when we are going through a hectic day with myriads of things to do. However, forgetting to do something can leave a bitter aftertaste towards yourself, mainly if it is an important task that needs to be done by the day, no matter what.

So, instead of leaving the remembering task to your brain that has been occupied with various other things, why don’t you opt for downloading reminder apps instead? It will change the course of your life positively.

There are myriads of reminder apps that have been built for such purposes. Simply click on the Google Play Store, and an endless list will appear at the tip of your finger.

However, if you have trouble choosing, here are some of the best reminder apps you can download on your Android phone.

1. BZ Reminder 

BZ Reminder is built to accommodate those who want a simple and seamless user experience when using the app.

It is targeted toward people who need to set up their tasks quickly. However, it can be used by everyone as the main factor of the app is to help users organize their lives efficiently.

The app is also equipped with great flexibility in its settings, so users can easily customize it to meet their needs. Also, users can effortlessly manage all the tasks on the to-do list and make sure to complete them with ease.

To make it easier, users can view their reminders and birthdays on the calendar. As a result, they will no longer forget about any family member’s birthday or grocery list items.

Users can even import birthdays from contacts and synchronize them to ensure they are always secure and never forgotten.

Had a missed call with your friend during the day but forgot to check back on them until night comes? Well, BZ Reminder will notify you regarding the missed call and continue to remind you about it until you cancel the reminder yourself.

2. Memorigi 

An advanced to-do list, task management, planner, calendar, and reminder tool with a visual interface to help you organize your life and work. Memorigi is a user-centered to-do list with notable features instead of the traditional to-do list made by others.

Furthermore, it was created with productivity and focus on helping users get the most out of their day. Hence, it has many features that can aid in achieving such conditions. Users are granted excellent features such as groups, lists, tasks, headings, tags, and many more. 

By having Memorigi on your smartphone, you can plan and schedule your vacations, projects, and daily duties. It can also remind you of key events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Thinking of using it for other purposes such as school, work, and daily tasks? It is an absolute yes.

Concisely, Memorigi is easy to use and understand as it employs easy methods to assist users in planning and organizing their tasks. Hence, users will not have trouble trying to navigate when using the app. Also, as it is packed with innovative features, users will have a productive day ahead. 

The app itself is free, but there are options for a Premium membership. Opting for it will unlock more advanced features for users to try. 

3. Todoist 

One of the best to-do list apps invented, Todoist, helps you to reduce the feeling of anxiousness and stress due to myriads of unorganized tasks. With the app, users can feel peace of mind that everything is accounted for.

As such, downloading the app on the Android phone and using it properly allows users to focus on what matters most.

Users are presented with a comprehensive picture of everything they are supposed to do during the day. As a result, they would not overlook anything and can start the day with calmness and feeling in control.

Furthermore, it reveals the appropriate tasks at the appropriate moments, ensuring that you always know what to focus on next. Therefore, users can continue to make the most out of their day.

It is a powerful, attractive, and beneficial app to alleviate users’ worries by reminding them of their tasks. The only drawback is that the reminders themselves are a paid feature. However, your to-do lists are still viewable in both the app and widget formats.

4. TickTick 

TickTick is a to-do-list app that is rising due to its numerous features. Some of it includes recurring tasks, reminders, widgets, plenty of customization choices, and a calendar. 

For a more satisfying user experience, TickTick includes Material Design, device syncing, cooperation with other TickTick users, and more. Hence, the app works wonders in a variety of circumstances.

But it works best in an environment used by numerous people who utilize the same app, such as in household or work surroundings.

This app is free, but it comes with a Pro version that requires users to pay per year. Nevertheless, the free version is more than enough for personal use.


These are some of the wonderful apps that can help you stay organized and have a productive day ahead. You do not have to worry about forgetting any task or things that you are required to do anymore. You will surely find yourself to be much more coordinated than before.

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