Top 3 Breathtaking Anime Of The 21st Century

Breathtaking Anime

When we talk about the best and the most breathtaking anime, you have to deal with a massive pile of names. In this new generation, especially in the 21st century, the craze and popularity of anime and other Japanese tales has peaked. 

It has been at the same level as the web series and movies on Netflix. They even represent entertainment and sports at entirely different levels and are a way to modernize the casinos in India.

There are lists of anime that have been a masterpiece in the creation and are still ruling the market with their vast fan base and incredible response. They represent an excellent storyline with some life lessons; they are enriched in the best quality animation and cartoonist characters. 

Top 3 Anime of this Generation

The list of one of the best anime has earned a lot of fame; it is very tough to categorize the top 3 out of the vast list. However, on the TRP and fan choice and popularity, here are the top 3 anime of this generation:

1. Death Note

One of the most trending and the first anime that every individual starts with is this masterpiece of death note. It is one of the most hyped and popular anime that everyone craves. Death note was officially released in the US in 2007. It originated in Japan and is a Japanese anime by origin.

It has one of the best storylines in history, which starts with a high school student zoned out in nature who wants to clear off the world from the evils and bad influences. With the help of a diary named the death note, whatever names get written get demolished. 

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

The very second on the list is none other than this masterpiece named the jujutsu Kaisen. It is another milestone on the list of the best anime in history. 

It was released in 2020, with new episodes still coming in on a fixed period, with the main plot based on the country of Japan. According to some of the viewer’s feedback, each episode with a run time of 24 minutes on average is regarded as the best minutes of the day.  

The plot story is based on a kind-hearted teenager who joins a cult of students in his new school to find out that all of them can manipulate the energy of other beings. Then some of his friends and a pack of other students find out about the new powers. 

3. Naruto Shippuden 

One of the most common and most-watched anime, starting from the toddlers to the adults, is Naruto. It is the universal anime for all anime lovers globally. It was released in 2009 and originated mainly in Japan. It is one of the rarest anime to be shot in both native and English languages. 

The storyline revolves around the protagonist named Naruto, who wants to be the best ninja in the land. To achieve the fullest and get to the extreme, he leaves his village and gets into intense training and exercise to push him to the limits.   

The change in the mode of entertainment in the 21st century has been drastic and mind-blowing. With the evolution of modern pc games to the world of Netflix, the phase of outdoor games almost got demolished and extinct. 

The rise of the anime world from Japan is another breathtaking entry into the entertainment market. They have made an enormous impact on society and adults and teens with some of these best creations in history.

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