Top 10 Business Opportunities With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is gaining prominence in recent years, and when you start to think about its potential uses, it’s easy to understand why. For instance, ARkit app ideas like those being proposed by Apple seem to have near limitless potential.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 business opportunities with augmented reality that are likely to be the most profitable in the years to come.

Augmented Reality Business Opportunities

1. Ecommerce Apps with a Built-In AR Shopping Experience

If you’re thinking about how to make money with augmented reality, shopping in real-time is one area where it shows great promise. For instance, with an augmented reality mobile app, you could see any piece of furniture in your apartment that you are considering buying as an IKEA app built in its application.

With the help of the app, a camera, you could also make it appear that you are wearing clothing from an online apparel store that you are thinking of purchasing. That way, you’ll know if you like these products before you buy them.

You can even scale the furniture and change the colours of the clothing within the app. An augmented reality mobile app makes your shopping experience more rewarding.

2. Advertising & Marketing

What does augmented reality solve? Well, VR/AR marketing opens up various business possibilities. If used creatively, it can generate more loyalty and commitment towards particular brands and products. Imagine walking around a store with a smartphone in your hands.

You’ll be able to see the price and features of the products you want to purchase as you look at them, along with up-to-the-minute special offers and discounts.

AR as part of the food menus at cafes or restaurants is another example of using this technology for branding and advertising.

VR/AR marketing
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Augmented reality marketing ideas that become the talk of social media could mean tremendous revenue for the right company.

3. Data Visualization & Communication

Want virtual reality startup ideas? Augmented reality app development can be a great help when it comes to showing data and sharing it with people.

All companies need it these days because the interaction between individuals and the exchange of information is so critical. Innovative ideas for augmented reality include those where fewer face-to-face meetings are required.

Augmented reality is likely to be a game-changer when it starts being used with photos, websites, and even webcam feeds. It can be integrated so that it is a part of the shared virtual walls while you engage in discussions during teleconference meetings. It will provide vivid illustrations of the points that you are making during presentations.

4. Education Opportunities and Professional Training

Augmented Reality learning apps will soon add more creativity to the classroom learning experience. Students can benefit immensely from AR apps with the additional learning options that this tech provides.

It will allow children to view 2D and 3D models in the real world from all angles. They will be able to better understand complex information pertaining to any subject.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Today there are a lot of powerful augmented and virtual reality use cases in healthcare that are totally changing its state. At present, AR is widely used in medical education and training. It enables also surgeons to peer inside a patient’s body with no incisions needed.

By using AR, doctors will soon be able to see a 3D image of an MRI while talking to patients and analyzing their movements. AR/VR applications can also be used for physical rehabilitation, mental disease treatment, and chronic pain management.

6. Maps and Tourism

Augmented reality app development can give you more information about all the places you want to visit. The maps you’re using, combined with an AR guide, can give you a thrilling experience as you explore any city around the world.

Google has recently added an AR feature to its mapping, and it’s reasonable to think that other companies are going to follow suit.

Google has recently added an AR feature to its mapping
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More virtual reality app ideas in this area seem inevitable. The mobile VR business is only going to expand wherever people travel for leisure or recreation.

7. Games, Sports, and Entertainment

Business opportunities in AR/VR are also present with companies that can monetize VR games by selling them. AR/VR escape rooms are a promising business opportunity, as they have become popular in recent years.

Various VR experiences realized within a single physical space may prove delightful for the customers if they are accompanied by a clever marketing campaign.

Virtual reality project ideas having to do with leisure seem obvious when you think about how much money is always being spent on recreation by those with disposable income.

VR has also started appearing in sports segments. A 360-degree video approach and VR capabilities can take live broadcasting of sports events, concerts, and other shows to new levels. The tech provides exciting immersive opportunities for aficionados, as it will be like they are attending the events in person.

8. Real Estate

In real estate, the VR/AR can totally change the way we buy houses. For example, the VR/AR applications can eliminate the need to remember lots of details about each one, so the experience is less stressful.

Virtual Reality showcases of properties ensure excellent exposure. They can garner millions of views, engage international buyers, and dramatically reduce the time needed to close a sale.

A realtor can lead a tour through a property remotely and even see where the client is looking, addressing their concerns in real-time. Exploring 3D plans through VR can bridge the gap between an architect or designer’s imagination and the real world.

9. Manufacturing and Occupational Safety

Augmented reality in the manufacturing industry enables engineers to demonstrate prototypes, visit construction sites, etc., while sharing their vision with company heads or investors. AR markers on equipment can help to monitor the work as it’s in progress.

Digital maps and plans save time and promote a better understanding of the undertaking for everyone involved. AR glasses can give manufacturing and field workers real-time data that helps to reduce errors and improves accuracy, safety, and the quality of their work.

Virtual reality mimics real-life scenarios, but without the risk. Therefore, it is becoming a standard training tool for employees who deal with physical danger.

10. Landscaping

The list of businesses using augmented reality includes landscaping as well. Just as you can put virtual furniture into your apartment to see how it looks, you’ll be able to place landscape features outside before you build anything there.

You can make measurements without needing a tape measure. You can even calculate the cost of your work automatically, so you’ll know if you’re within your budget.

What’s to Come?

Augmented reality might have seemed like a flight of fancy at one point in history, but it has moved from the realm of science fiction to real-world technology. While these ten areas are some of the most promising, it seems clear that we’re going to be seeing more AR applications as time goes on.

AR will save lives, money, and time, and they will enhance commonplace experiences in ways we once couldn’t have imagined. The benefits of augmented reality in business are many, so be aware of this tech as you plan your strategies for market penetration in the future.

If you own or operate a business, and you see a virtual reality business opportunity, you should seriously think about it. If you don’t, it is highly likely that your competitors will.

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