Top 10 Celebrity Gossip Sites – 2024

Do you feel like you are staying at Baker Street? The little Sherlock inside you crawls out as soon as you hear about the Kardashians. Doesn’t it? We are not here to give you any random Top 10 gossip sites but the best ones!

A little scoop never hurts, right? We all have our favorite celebrities who not only influence our fashion sense but our lifestyle as well.

Why not go to the dark side of the moon? Here are the top 10 celebrity gossip sites ranked just for you to keep your favorite Hollywood icon’s life a click away!

Best Celebrity Gossip Sites

Celebrity Gossip Sites


Want the breaking news? You are absolutely in the right place. Also known as Thirty Mile Zone, TMZ is set to break records regarding gossip. They have their most sneaky news out there for you to lap up.

TMZ is an entertainment news website focusing on celebrity gossip, news, and scandals. It was launched in 2005 by Harvey Levin under the wing of Warner Bros. The website got the most fame for quick news reporting in the entertainment business, as it became known to cover big celebrity stories even before other news websites could get a scoop.

TMZ covers a wide array of topics in the entertainment business, ranging from the love lives of celebrities to major legal battles and everything in between. It has a reputation for being aggressive with paparazzi tactics and insider scoops.

Besides the website, TMZ has diversified its brand into a TV show and a sports news site under the same brand, that is, TMZ Sports and TMZ Hip Hop for hip hop and rap-related topics.

It is one of the top celebrity news domains with a massive following of those interested in the updates and happenings of celebrities and entertainment.


Who would it be for? Right as the name suggests, for the people. From a flash of Katy Perry’s pregnancy to revealing masked celebs People got you covered.

People is an American popular weekly magazine and website that covers celebrity human-interest stories and entertainment. It was founded in 1974 by Meredith Corporation. is a complete digital fraternal featuring content on various categories. has become widely recognized for some of its annual lists, such as “Sexiest Man Alive,” “Most Beautiful,” and “Best & Worst Dressed,” which caused considerable public attention. The website complements the magazine and includes constant updates of the latest news, exclusive web features, and multimedia content.


E! Online is the digital extension for the E! Entertainment Television cable and satellite network, and it is one of the premium providers of pop culture content, entertainment news, and celebrity gossip.

E! Online provides a wide array of content, including Celebrity News, Fashion and Style, Reality TV, Pop Culture and Photos and Videos of celebrities.

E! Online is known for its loose tongue and sometimes hyped-up style of gossiping on the site to feed its audience with the latest celebrity culture and entertainment news. The website supports television programs on E! Network by offering other interactive services to the consumers.

4. Perez Hilton

Have you heard of those underground magazine clubs in high school? If you are Netflix and Chill then underground magazines are your thing! And yes you are at the correct destination. is a famous celebrity gossip blog created by Mario Lavandeira, professionally known as Perez Hilton, in 2004. The website features up-to-the-minute celebrity news, exclusive insider gossip, personal commentary, paparazzi photos, coverage of red-carpet events, and exclusive video footage.

The blog is flush with Hilton’s biting, snarky commentary, most often displayed through in-your-face headlines and outrageous stories, not to mention doodles/captions that are put on photos.

Beyond controversy and legal wrangles over its critical and intrusive style, has been a significant power in celebrity gossip. Hilton has expanded his base through YouTube channels, podcasts, and social media to solidify his place as a leading name in the field of entertainment news.

5. is a popular lifestyle and entertainment website started in 2006 by Lisa and Brian Sugar. The site continues to target women with varying content on celebrity news, gossip, fashion trends, beauty tips and reviews about products.

Additionally, the website focuses on health and fitness activities, workout routines, advice on wellness, and healthy living tips. PopSugar also has features for the decoration of homes, DIY ideas, parenting, and personal finance, therefore offering a complete solution for today’s woman.

Fun and knowledgeable content ensures that PopSugar is the go-to place for everything one is looking for in entertainment, lifestyle, and wellness.

6. is one of the fastest-growing entertainment and celebrity news sites, founded by Bonnie Fuller in 2009. Minute-by-minute updates on celebrities in their personal and professional lives are basically the specialty or USP of their site.

Much more than that, though, they do cover stories on the entertainment scene, like movies, TV shows, music, and events.

When it comes to news items and gossip, is overflowing with fashion and beauty materials – hints on the latest trends, beauty tips, and red-carpet looks, most of which are inspired by celebrities.

Known for its engaging and often sensationalist approach, the site has become a go-to destination for those seeking the latest in celebrity and entertainment news.

7. Us Weekly is a leader in celebrity news and entertainment; it opens up the spectacular life of celebs and the entire world of entertainment. The site provides the most current news, personal stories, and breaking updates about famous people.

It covers various entertainment areas such as movies, TV shows, music, and significant events. Also, there is plenty to read at about fashion and beauty: new trends and style advice, along with red carpet looks.

It also includes star photo galleries, event coverage, exclusive videos, and lifestyle articles on health, fitness, relationships, etc. Pioneering the way with exciting, exclusive content, is the go-to source for celebrity and entertainment news.

8. is the online extension of the New York Post’s famous gossip column, Page Six, recognized for its one of a kind memories and insider scoops on celebrities and enjoyment.

The website provides updated gossip, scandals, and private stories about celebrities, supplying readers with a regular circulate of fresh content material.

In addition to movie star gossip, covers a wide variety of amusement news, which include updates on films, TV indicates, song, and predominant occasions.

The website additionally delves into testimonies about high-profile individuals in society and politics, making it a complete supply for those inquisitive about the ultra-modern buzz surrounding awesome figures in diverse industries.

With its bold and regularly sensationalist approach, PageSix.Com remains a cross-to vacation spot for readers seeking the trendy in celebrity and enjoyment news.

9., is one of the most popular entertainment websites in the world, founded by Jared Eng in 2005. The site is known for its wide range of gossip, and the most recent updates on luxury lifestyle news including rumors of everything from celebrity’s salary to net worth.

It also provides extensive coverage for the entertainment industry and big events in films, TV shows, and music. also boasts a series of high-quality photo galleries featuring the latest paparazzi shots and red carpet action in addition to exclusive video content.

It also touches on trends and celebrity style. Celebrity gossip site has emerged as one of the leading online outlets for celebrity and entertainment news.


Radar Online is the premier entertainment news site for breaking scandals, gossip, and up-to-the-minute stories in Hollywood. It provides information on both the private and professional lives of stars and also offers plenty more juicy stories to feast your eyes upon.

It covers everything from crime to political events and has become a one-stop shop for the latest news in popular culture as well. With an engaging mix of the best celebrity gossip from every corner, Radar Online has established itself as a leading destination for entertainment news.


Above listed are the top 10 best celebrity gossip sites. Let us know your favourite celebrity gossip site in the comment section. Hope you like the article.

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