Top 10 Celebrity Gossip Sites 2022

Do you feel like you are staying at Baker Street? The little Sherlock inside you crawls out as soon as you hear about the Kardashians. Doesn’t it? We are not here to give you any random Top 10 gossip sites but the best ones!

A little scoop never hurts, right? We all have our favorite celebrities who not only influence our fashion sense but our lifestyle as well.

Why not go to the dark side of the moon? Here are the top 10 celebrity gossip sites ranked just for you to keep your favorite Hollywood icon’s life a click away!

Celebrity Gossip Sites

1. TMZ

Want the breaking news? You are absolutely in the right place. Also known as Thirty Mile Zone, TMZ is set to break records regarding gossip. They have their most sneaky news out there for you to lap up.

Everywhere you would look TMZ is on the top for chasing gossip and scandals.

It also has the history of being the first Hollywood magazine to do so. Placing the name right at the top, in bold does catch your eyes right? That’s what TMZ does. Be it, Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian.

Since they have been maintaining the top charts for years whichever site you go to make sure TMZ is always on your list!

2. People

Who would it be for? Right as the name suggests, for the people. From a flash of Katy Perry’s pregnancy to revealing masked celebs People got you covered.

Both their magazine and their website are a treat for those looking out for the gossip in town

3. E! Online

E! Online is not just a gossip site but a reliable source for all the entertainment news. It is a rich source of their lifestyle, and fashion sense.

The perfect place to follow your fashion influences. A regularly updated site, E! Online provides you with the most talked about topics in town along with the best pictures.

They not only have the website but their channel streams all the red carpet spotlight actions. So follow the E! 

4. Twitter

Who said only Tweet Geeks exist? Twitter is now becoming the most happening platform all over the world.

Starting from politicians to celebs everyone is letting their thoughts out on Twitter! What could be easier than stalking your favorite celebs’ comments on your Twitter handle?

5. Perez Hilton

Have you heard of those underground magazine clubs in high school? If you are Netflix and Chill then underground magazines are your thing! And yes you are at the correct destination.

Perez, a commoner taking interest in celeb’s life started this magazine in 2004. Now scooping out the darkest secrets of their lives he is there to give to all of us.

Not to forget how his own relationships help him bring out the best scoops before anyone. All the sass and the juice right there.

So do not miss out on his regular updates!

6. Pop Sugar

That sass in the name, so in the news! Pop a pill of your daily dose of pop sugar and get your fill of all the entertainment news. Pop Sugar shares the juiciest gossip for you to savor.

If it is about a newborn kid turned celeb or one about to be born Pop Sugar has it all. Entertainment news from the Hollywood world, Fashion icons, and Music celebs they got all under one roof.

7. Blind Gossip

Who doesn’t look for Blind Gossip? Yes, Blind Gossip does the most. Digging out the ravishing gossips and turning them into the most notorious ones are just their thing.

At the end of the day when you are trying to look up if your relationship ups and downs are relatable to your favorite Hollywood celeb then come here. Nothing cooked up but the most reliable news from reliable sources is found at Blind Gossip.

8. Dlisted 

Dlisted, the abode for notorious news. They make sure to keep you hooked to the secrets of Hollywood even though you are tired after a day’s work. 

9. Yahoo Entertainment

If you have been using a Yahoo browser this might already be familiar to you. The Yahoo entertainment website does nothing less than any other gossip site bringing to you the most recent updates which keep flashing on your browser’s start-up page. You can’t help but check out their updates or sit getting lured by them.

10. Hollywood life

You do not need to be in Vegas or Orange County, need not be filthy rich but still pursue your eagerness about what the Hollywood town and your favorite celebs are up to.

We have listed the best celebrity gossip sites just for you. Let us know your favourite celebrity gossip site in the comment section.

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