Ways to set Content Com Android Browser Home

Imagine buying a great smartphone, with excellent features, quality camera, and all other features that you wish to have in your phone.

but while using it you are disturbed by the default browser that is installed in your mobile by the developer. Isn’t that greatly disappointing?

Do not worry, here’s a solution to your problem.

The link content:// is the solution to all the troubles. This link is used in the browsers to configure the homepage.

Most of the browsers integrated with the new phone have a default homepage, which is not of our use. Sit back and relax.

This article is written to help you, change the default homepage as you desire, using the link, given.

 When you are a person who travel mostly and prefer to access to WiFi instead of your mobile data, you will very much need to change your custom homepage.

Dealing with “error messages” while trying to access websites before logging in into the WiFi is really irritating.

To avoid this, you can use a non-HTTPS page as your browser’s default page, like, to do it first you need to configure or reset your already set default homepage of the browser integrated in your phone.

Whenever you click on a link to open it, it always asks you about the browser you want to open it from.

Selecting a browser again and again, especially in the middle of something very important is really annoying. content with Android browser at home is here to correct this problem.

Use the browser of your preference, easily configuring the content with the Android home browser to configure the default browser on your phone.

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Steps to get your Browser homepage on the Android Smartphone

Follow the steps given below to set the browser home page on the mobile using the link:

  • Open the application of the default Internet Browser.
  • The menu button present on the upper right side of the screen, probably, touch it.
  • Click on Settings and then go to the submenu until you find the option “Android browser settings”. Click on it.
  • Tap on General settings.
  • At the end, click on “Set Homepage”.
  • Enter the URL of your desired default page or choose the blank page option simply.

If this option is hidden in your phone, because of your phone manufacturer, you have other options as well:

  • Open the site of your desired home page.
  • Click on the menu button.
  • The page should be saved in the bookmarks then.
  • Search Bookmarks/History.
  • Find the place you saved your home page and press and hold it.
  • Choose ‘Set as homepage’, in the menu that appears.

Process to Change Your Default Web Browser in the Android Smartphone

You are never obliged to use the default browser fit in your phone by the manufacturer, there are much better options available in the Playstore.

Set the browser you like in your PC as well as in your phone, so you can easily synchronize the data. Now, you can configure your desired browser as your default web browser application on the device, by the following steps:

  • Find the Google settings on your mobile phone. Open the settings of your device, scroll down until you get Google. After opening it, open the “Google Settings” application.
  • Open the default applications.
  • Tap the Settings on the upper right corner, by navigating. In “Default”, tap the browser application.
  • Just tap the Advanced Default Applications Explorer application.
  • Touch on the browser that you want to set as your default browser.

With all of these you can set the content:// comfortably on your device.

Use your phone freely without being annoyed by the pop-up messages, asking about which browser.

We know how important the Internet is to you, enjoy freely!

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