Biggest Customer Feedback Myths That Need to Be Busted

Customers in the 21st-century universe have extreme expectations and stark views on things they are spending their money on. They fully understand how instrumental their role has become in business board meetings.

Knowing their own value has not just made them smart and aware but also impatient and demanding. Companies dealing in “Business to Customer” domains really need to keep up with this form of customer expectations.

And, like other circumstances, the technology always steps forward to rescue. Digital communication tools such as Customer Feedback Apps are gaining popularity amongst businesses for dealing with customer-centric issues.

Although the popularity of customer feedback systems is undeniable, there are many myths associated with using technology for customer interaction. Below mentioned are some of the biggest myths around customer feedback.

Customer Feedback Myths

1) Websites Are Enough for Customers

This is common and one of the first mistakes that any business can commit when they consider interacting with customers. Websites can never replace a fully functional and feature-rich digital customer feedback system.

The customer today needs special attention at every touchpoint, which includes before sales, after-sales apart from in-shop sale communication.

Websites are a good way of giving information about your business and company at the forefront but cannot become an interactive tool. Feedback Apps often facilitates customers in resolving their own concerns without any manual intervention. 

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2) Talking to Real People Can Only Get a True Response

This is another big myth in the realm of customer feedback. Take the Millennial for example, with technology-centric life, many would agree that at times navigating in an app seems much doable that taking to a representative.

Personalized customer feedback software can make the customer more comfortable, which encourages them to share the real story without facing a human ever.

3) Why Do We Need Apps When FAQs Are Already Given

How can one really think FAQs can resolve the purpose of creating interactive Smartphone apps or software?

Let’s break it down, FAQs are always limited and created with inputs from marketers and manufacturers. There is always a dearth of customer’s opinion and one can hardly predict what type of queries or concerns the customers may have.

The concept of FAQs is commonly catering to a pre-sales or pre-order touchpoint. On the other hand, customer survey apps can manage both pre and post-sale concerns with effectively visible results.

4) Live Chats are Better Than Survey Apps

Live Chat is an interesting technique for establishing direct communication with customers. It can address their concern and help in finding a relevant solution.

However, there is always a limit to the number of chats that can be handled by a company at a time. There are times when a single chat operator ends up handling more than 10 chats at a time, which leads to incorrect information flow or service.