5 Reasons Why Live Chat Helps Your Business Go the Extra Mile

Every Human is mostly addicted to Mobile phones and the Internet. In this Connected world, one cannot survive when internet speed test show connectivity is lost.

The reason being that modern customers have now preferences. They prefer what is convenient for them. E-commerce sites, online forums, and social media campaigns have made it easier for them to shop online.

Instead of spending on the fuel and taking the hassle of driving to a brick-and-mortar store, the contemporary customers would just go to their online store.

They would read a couple of reviews on the product they want and then ask a few relevant questions on live chat. And that’s it!

They would order the product and get in their mail conveniently. All thanks to technology! When you know that you can order your new internet package online directly.

Incorporating the option of live chat on your e-commerce sites further brings in tons of potential customers.

When they know that all their concerns will be addressed before making a purchase, they become more confident. And therefore, it is easier for them to shop.

Let’s explore the incredible benefits of live chat.

1) It Cuts Down on Expenses

Live chat software conveniently cuts on employee’s phone expenses as well as task time. It brings you noticeable cost savings.

  • You can save on your contact centre and average interaction costs with live chat.
  • It enhances efficiency because live chat representatives can handle multiple chats at a time.
  • You don’t need to hire plenty of representatives.
  • Since the chat reps don’t have to take many calls you can cut on the waiting queue. It will be way lesser as compared to a call centre.
  • It improves your brand’s communication with the users and increases the chances of overall sales.

2) Increased Sales

As far as the general trend on blogs and marketing forums is concerned, if a website has a live chat feature on a website, it is bound to have improved sales. According to a recent study:

  • Live chat feature drives more sales
  • It ensures higher customer satisfaction scores
  • A notable increase in conversion rate
  • When customers have someone, who can walk them immediately through a sale, addressing all their confusions, they readily shop
  • On sites which have a live chat feature, lesser shopping carts were abandoned at the time of checkout.

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3) Offers Convenience

Automated answers are a great help in keeping the customers engaged. But customers are a lot more confident when it comes to a live person responding to their queries.

According to a study, around 44% of customers having their answers in a live chat while they were in the middle of making a purchase helped make their final decision.

They also said that live chat is one of the most reliable features that a site can offer. Some other benefits are:

  • A live chat system provides immediate help
  • As compared to a call centre, the wait times are quite less
  • Both customers and live chat persons can easily multi-task

4) You can address the Pain Points of Customers

Are you aware of the pain points? A customer’s unfulfilled need or frustration is known as a pain point. Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are always in search of these pain points.

They use social media and other forums to figure them out. Once you manage to know these pain points, you can improve the customer experience immensely. You can fix them and witness a higher conversion rate.

And live chat provides you with the opportunity to figure out the pain points immediately. Customers will be open to sharing their concerns about the offered products/services.

They will try to know about the performance of the advertised product. Or, about the hidden terms and conditions of some promotion. This will help you improve on this front.

5) It gives you an Edge on your Competitors

Not every business offers a live chat feature. In fact, many top retail brands do not offer live chat. So, it’s a great opportunity to outshine your competitors. If you incorporate this essential tool, you will enhance the customer experience.

While you are easing up the connectivity with your customers, you are also making a huge deal of money. You are also gaining an edge on other top-notch brands.

So, it’s a win-win situation. Even if you have a small business setup, you can single-handedly deal with all your customers on live chat. And you can still make money.

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