Tools to Drive Your Business Growth

5 Essential Tools To Drive Your Business Growth

Being an entrepreneur, you want to achieve certain goals and objectives for the growth of your business. In fact, every business owner thinks the same.

But you know while trying to reach the goals, you might have to face quite a competition, from other business owners.

Especially, if you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, then you need to compete with millions of other companies to take the same spot in the market.

Everyone wants to achieve the top spot in the business where they don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress.

Luckily there are also many digital tools in the market that can help you to overcome the juggling of managing multiple business tasks at a time.

Whether it’s about project management or communication with team members, by having access to the right tool, even the busiest of the industries can manage workflow in their business to achieve better growth.

Here we have listed out a set of business tools that can help you to deal with every aspect of your business need. With just a little bit of support from these tools, it would be far easier for you to accomplish the desired goal and objectives of your business.

Tools for Your Business Growth

1) Trello Project Management:

When dealing with business projects, it consists of numerous tasks to manage. Irrespective of the size of the industry, management has to deal with various things.

Indeed, it won’t be a comfortable job for a leader to successfully accomplish the endeavour of each and every project without any external help.

For efficient management of the business projects, a leader should collaborate and plan ahead with team members to accomplish deadline tasks.

Trello Project Management

In such a case, what you need is project management tools like Trello that can help you to organize and optimize your business plans in advance.

It is a phenomenal tool that allows you to take a glance over the workflow of your business. Using the Kanban methodology of Trello, you can achieve an agile workflow in your business. 

2) SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning:

Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated management of the various business processes like finance, supply chains, operation, reporting, manufacturing, and human resources.

With an automated ERP solution, management can coordinate the number of complex business operations steadily.

Due to the introduction of cloud computing, now it becomes quite feasible for small and medium-sized industry to implement ERP software in their business.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is one of the best cloud-based ERP software that can help you manage critical business processes fluently.

It is a version of SAP HANA that lets you deal with integrated financial, CRM, supply chain, and reporting challenges using the best features of the ERP system.

Depending upon the need and environment of the business, SAP Business One analytics can play various roles to accomplish scalable growth in your business.

3) Acquire Customer Engagement Software:

Customer engagement has an important role to play in the CRM strategy of your business. Indeed, by enhancing the customer experience, you can achieve the engagement of customers in your business.

In some way, it might seem to you that sales engagement and customer engagement are the same things. But there is a fine difference between them, as the sales engagement process works only till the sales closes.

On the other hand, customer engagement is the process of interacting with clients throughout the business lifecycle.

Acquire Customer Engagement Software

Acquire is a customer engagement software that lets you connect with your customers. It has a unified view to interact with customers on a single timeline.

Moreover, it also provides you with multiple real-time communication channels to interact and engage with your customers, giving the omnichannel experience with functionalities like Video calling, Live chat, Calls & SMS, Screenshare, Chatbots, and Emails, etc.

Acquire also has the capability to analyse the customer experience and represent them in the form of graphical representations.

Another best thing about the amazing software is that you can seamlessly integrate Acquire with more than 50 other popular applications that can help you with the feasible growth of your business.

4) ZOHO Inventory Management Software:

In every product-based business, you need to keep track of stock and assets inventory. And to manage that you need inventory management software.

For the small business, managing the inventory is a part of the supply chain that you can track manually using excel or google sheets.

However, with the growth of the business, even a smart ERP approach can somewhat shortfall without inventory management.

Considering the importance of Inventory management, ZOHO Inventory can really help you to handle the army of product-based business challenges, including blown out costs, poor customer service, and outright failure, etc.

It is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed especially for small and mid-range companies. Though because of its alluring set of inventory management modules having functionalities like analytical reporting, vendor management inventory, and lot traceability, it is considered as one of the best inventory management software.

ZOHO Inventory can be accessed using the Web browser (OS agnostic) and is also compatible with both desktop (Windows, Mac, UNIX & Linux OS) and mobile devices (Android & iPhone).

5) Socinator: Social Media Automation:

Nowadays, social media has also become an important part of the business. Having a strong presence over social media channels can also help you to gain more engagement in your business.

However, the competition on social media channels has been growing tougher and tougher. Marketers are also investing in social media platforms to gain more customer engagement for their business.

Though, you don’t have to be worried. Since there are some world-class automation tools like Socinator using which you can simply automate your social media activities to gain engagement and sales conversion for your business.

Socinator Social Media Automation tool

Socinator is an all in one automation solution for your social media marketing. Being a busy marketer- what you want is a tool that has the ability to manage your social media activities to gain more engagement from customers.

Socinator is a social media monitoring tool that really lives up to your expectations. Moreover, using this software, you can effortlessly manage your activities on multiple social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, etc).

Wrapping Words:

So, what are your thoughts about using the best business tools to grow your business? From our study, we have gone through various experiences to realize that business tools can really play an important role in the growth of your business.

Because of technological solutions, it became easier for marketers and entrepreneurs to manage the complicated business process. Based on the requirements of your industry, if you have the right tool by your side, then it would really help you to accelerate growth and drive the maximum return of investment for your business.

We hope that reading this article will help you to achieve comprehension of using the right tool for your business. And it can shore up your business to bring more productivity and reduce human error using technology support.

If you are already using these tools or some other alternative tools and want to share your experience, then you are always welcome to your comments. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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