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Top 10 Features Best Video Editing Software Should Have

Businesses are relying on videos, and why shouldn’t they be? After all, videos are more impactful than any other medium. Videos have certainly taken away the world by storm. It is driving more conversions and leads and contributes to your business growth as well.

Whether you are running a restaurant or you have an e-commerce store, or you are an owner of a travel company, if videos are not a part of your business campaigns, then you are probably missing out on things. 

There is no denying the fact that video creation requires a lot of effort. But wait, what actually makes your video worth watching is the video editing software.

Video editing software creates that final magic. You require video editing software after the making of your video to add different sounds and effects to make it engaging. 

Video editing software

Video editing software is a program that helps in editing videos with the help of various inbuilt features. Editing software edits the videos by adding various visual and sound effects and eliminating unwanted video clips.

Features of the Best Video Editing Software

Every video editing software features differ from each other. They are not the same and work differently on different systems. Some work well on windows while others work better on MacBook. Let’s see what are the features of the best video editing software for Mac and Windows-

1) Audio editing and sound effects: 

Well, any of the best video editing applications have this feature for sure. You can add sound effects based on your video or even separate sounds from the visuals. 

2) Digital visual effects:

Video editing software offers digital effects that include brightness, contrast, hue, grayscale, gamma, chroma key and many more. Moreover, you need to be a bit familiar with the editing software and must know how to use it to edit a video. 

3) Options for excluding a few sections of the videos: 

This particular feature is available in all the video editing software. It allows you to exclude a few parts of the videos. 

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4) Fixing small things:

In today’s advanced editing timeline, you use various other video editing features like dropping and dragging the effects, resizing clips, zoom out and zoom in, alignment, the setting of animations, slicing, snapping and more. 

5) 3-D animated effects:

If you happen to make a 3-d animated video then you can use this feature. Almost all video editing software has this effect. You can adjust the shape, size, length and text. 

6) Scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation of clips: 

Video clips can be adjusted. You can skim, rotate, and adjust anywhere you want. 

7) Multilayer tracks: 

Tracks are used for images. You can form as many layers as you want such as watermarks background videos, tracks, etc. You can also move them up and down.

Well, these are some basic features that all types of video editing software should have. With time, new advanced options have been added. All these software are amazing if you want to edit videos but at the same time, they are time-consuming. 

8) Textboxes

9) Speed adjustment

10) Split/merge

11) Supports HD resolution

12) Video Stabilization


There are so many people promoting their business on YouTube and other social media platforms through videos. It becomes different at times to make and edit a video because there is a lot of work to focus on. So choose the one that can create a compelling video in just a few minutes.

With a number of free video editing software available online, you can choose the one that best fits your desktop and you feel easy to use. They all might be different from each other but then you have to see the features offered by each.

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