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How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts To Benefit Your Business

Social media is a free platform to approach your target audience, as well as a potential source of revenue for your business. 

Regardless of the sector, your business falls into, social media can support your company’s growth; whether it’s catering, homemade jewellery, or gardening services, there is social media for you. 

Understanding what social platforms to use and how to grow your social media account is the key to growing your business. 

Read on, and we’ll explore how you can use social media to grow your social media accounts and expand its online reach. 

1) Quality Content Is Crucial

Producing quality content is the key to making your social media eye-catching for those who come across it.

Quality does not necessarily mean content that you spent hours editing or developing but must contain essential elements such as correct grammar, bright photographs, and easy to understand posts. This will lead to more followers who are interested in your business. 

Grammarly is a great free tool to help you with your spelling and grammar across social media platforms. 

2) Show Your Business’s Authenticity

Followers love seeing the face behind the business. As brilliant as it is to post photos of beautifully handcrafted items or candid shots of your cup of coffee beside your laptop, often putting a face to a name can be much more impactful. 

However, it is vital to find a balance between these types of photos. A small handful of smiling portraits amongst your business photographs is a perfect way to maintain a business account and distinguish it from personal accounts, which are often filled with selfies.

In addition to photographs, consider telling the story behind your business. For example, you could mention how it started, and how it has grown over the years.

This approach will add a human aspect to your business account and allow your followers to feel like they know you and your business, leading to more authentic interactions on your social media accounts. 

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3) Link to Your Website to Improve Its Traffic

When sharing updates on social media, be sure to link to your website so new clients can access your shop or price lists quickly.

This approach will improve your website traffic and help you engage with even more potential clients. If you’re just getting started and you are yet to launch your businesses website, you can learn how to create your own website through the linked guide. 

4) Consistency Is Key 

Consistency is critical to sustaining a positive increase in your social media accounts. When it comes to posting, aim to do this with a regular schedule that suits you.

If you’re very busy only a couple of times a week will suit you, otherwise, if you are enjoying social media, try to factor in time to post every day.

To have an impact on social media, you’ll need to post consistently. If you post sporadically for a few months, then go quiet for some time, very few people will choose to follow you, and some may even unfollow due to your account going quiet. 

In order to maintain consistency,  there are apps that remind you to post, or can be set up to post for you at a later date, meaning you don’t have to remember during your busy week.

One such app is Buffer, which saves you time and ensures that your social media accounts are always populated with updates and information. 

5) Support Others and They Will Support You

The best way to grow a following on social media is organically, and this takes a bit of effort to start the ball rolling. Your likes, comments, and shares will increase dramatically if you’re applying the same support to others in the same fields. 

Followers will also enjoy the content that you share from other relevant companies, as this will make your business look supportive and personal as opposed to competitive and cold. 

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6) Use Advertisements to Grow Your Reach

As your following grows, you might consider using social media advertising to grow your reach and engage with an even wider range of potential customers.

Check out the social media advertising options on each platform that you use, and then find the ones that work best for your company. 

7) Have Patience

Growing your social media presence does take time, so be patient and enjoy the new avenue your business is taking. 

Some of these tips will work better than others, so use this as a general guide then focus on what works best for you and your business.

Now you know the relevant tools and advice when it comes to growing your business’s social media accounts, enjoy taking the time to grow your accounts, and see how it positively impacts your business. 

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