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8 Powerful Reasons To Use Social Media Marketing For Your Startup

The world today is dominated by two significant things – businesses and the Internet. Businesses worldwide have changed, and a substantial part of them are a direct result of rising entrepreneurship in recent times.

Anyone can have a startup today, something that is profoundly empowering for the youth, especially during testing times. People are losing their jobs every day, and a recession is feared to occur in most countries.  

These startups make great use of the Internet. Most of their work, and marketing, take place over the digital media, thereby giving them an edge over the others. 

In this article, we will predominantly talk about the reasons why social media is the go-to for every startup and how one can make money online. There are plenty of reasons to use social media marketing today.

As is known, social media is where the world resides without any boundaries to separate the people of different regions. It is here that one can possibly target any kind of audience irrespective of their physical locations. It is this advantage that is put to use when it comes to social media marketing. 

Given below is a list of 8 reasons why you should indulge in social media marketing if you have a startup:

1) An increase in web traffic:

Social media marketing entails a lot of engagement on social media on behalf of the company. This is mainly about triggering the interest of the target customers.

Once the right people are interested in a startup, things begin moving in the direction of profit. Plus, since the people are social media savvy, it is easy to reach them there, and thus to stimulate their interests. 

2) Lower marketing expenses:

The expenses of a traditional marketing venture is way more than that on social media. Startups have to pay only for the content and the images that they want to be customized.

Sometimes, they might also have to pay for adverts. However, the cost is never something that pinches the pockets too hard. All of it is affordable, if not cheap.

Given how startups can struggle to get the monetary factor in place, social media marketing works wonders in cutting the cost. 

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3) Improvement in customer service through social media:

Customer service is of utmost importance as their collective feedback decides the company’s ultimate fate. Social media is excellent support in this area.

Most people prefer conversing with a company on platforms like Facebook and Twitter because of the ease and fast response rate.

Business tycoons like Sony India use social media to answer the queries of their customers, as this helps them engage with their customer base better.  

4) Improvement in organic SEO:

Social media allows one to share their products and blogs with their customers. This is an effective way to improve organic SEO results as the number of people viewing the product increases. Moreover, these people are likely to share this among their known circles. 

5) Business to business collaboration:

Social media is a hub for business. Like the startups in question here, other companies wish to grow. This can be done through the regular exchange of ideas, discussions on online forums, collaboration, etc. Business to business or B2B connections are often profitable ventures for all the companies involved.

One may ask in this respect – what is the best intro maker? To this we say, there are many. Some of them are free, while some others charge a nominal fee. With superb ideas on the table, all of these intro makers can work miracles. 

6) Customer’s trust and their loyalty are reinforced:

When a startup pays attention to developing it’s social media pages, it is bound to attract customers. Regular updates and communication with the client base solidify the relationship between the company and the customers.

This reinforces the trust that the customers bestow on the company. Therefore, their loyalty stays intact for years, thus helping the startup to grow. 

7) Understanding the requirements of the targeted market:

Social media is where a startup can understand its customers’ requirements. Through honest feedback and product reviews, companies can interact with their customer base to understand what exactly they expect from the company. This is an important step to success for any startup looking to outgrow others. 

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8) Building brand image:

Social media, as we have established already, is where the world resides. Hence, the visibility here is massive. A social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube is the best place to build a brand’s image.

There are plenty of ways to do this. While infographics are used for the first two platforms, videos are used for the latter.

All of this is inexpensive, thanks to the countless image-makers and online video editors. Intros are the basis of the videos one makes because they decide whether or not a customer will watch the entire video.  


Throughout this article, we harped on one thing more than anything else- communication. To help a startup grow, it is important to communicate – with customers, with other businesses, and with the employees involved. Since social media is the best place for communication, it is the best place to work on marketing. 


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