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Your 3-Step Guide to GoGoPDF’s PDF/A Converter

Have you ever needed to convert your pdf to a file format that’s better for long-time preservation? Then you’re in luck because GoGoPDF has a pdfa converter. Don’t know anything about pdfa or GoGoPDF? Continue reading to know more about the GoGoPDF, pdfa, and how to use the site’s converter.

What is GoGoPDF, and Is it Safe to Use?

GoGoPDF is a website equipped with various pdf-related converters, like the pdf to pdfa converter, editing tools, and enhancement services. The site and its features can be accessed free of cost, but they are currently developing a paid or premium account with an upgraded version of the site’s amenities.

Regarding the security and safety of your files, GoGoPDF has also got you covered. With the website’s privacy and data security policies, your pdf documents are guaranteed to be protected and yourself to be reassured. In compliance with their site’s regulations, any uploaded files will automatically be deleted from their servers after an hour.

What is a PDF/A and Why Convert Your PDF?

To put it in simpler terms, a PDF/A is a variant of the pdf format that assures your document can be reproduced without changes whatever software is used.

What happens on the document is that the essential data for displaying and the other details will be kept intact because they would be embedded on the file, making it accessible and future-proof.

Continuing on that train of thought, the reason most people, and hopefully you, use this format is to make sure that your document, however ancient and decrepit it may be, can still be duplicated and accessed through any updated program in the future, unaltered and consistent as the day you saved it.

If that was a bit unclear, the uncomplicated explanation is that pdf/a is used for long-term archiving of documents, especially ones you want to keep and use in the future. Converting your files to pdf/a will lessen the stress on your future self, and when that time comes, you’ll thank your past self for it.

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Guide for Conversion

Although the conversion process on GoGoPDF is simple and easy to follow, it won’t hurt if you research ahead of time, particularly if you want to avoid mistakes that could cause a delay. So, here is a clear, 3-point guide on the website’s pdf to pdf/a conversion process.

Prepare Your File

First, like any other process, you must prepare the materials you’re going to use. If this were a cookbook, you’d be asked to chop the ingredients into bite-size pieces and the oven preheated.

For GoGoPDF’s conversion procedure, you need to prepare your file. If your document isn’t a pdf yet, then you better use the site’s other conversion programs to change it ahead of time.

Another preparation you must do is to make sure you know where your file is located. The most helpful tip in this stage of the process is to put your file on your device’s desktop, if you’re using a PC or laptop, for an easier transition to the next step.

Also, with GoGoPDF, you don’t need to transfer the file to your device if it’s already in cloud storage since the website is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Upload and Convert

The second step of the pdf conversion is to get your file into the site’s servers and let it do what it needs to do. Carrying on the cooking analogy, this part is when you’re done mixing all your ingredients, and you’re about to put them inside the oven, where all the magic happens. Uploading your pdf document to the site is as easy as pie.

To upload your file, all you need to do is click on the button on the page that says “Select File” and choose your pdf in your specific folder.

Alternatively, you can also select the button with the Dropbox logo or Google Drive logo if your file is in cloud storage. Another fast way of uploading is to drag and drop your file onto the landing page’s highlighted space.

When the upload is done, your document will be immediately processed for conversion. Since the website developers value your time, they made everything easy and fast, including the conversion process.

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Wait and Download

The third and last phase of this guide is to wait for the conversion to finish. It would only take a couple of seconds, and your newly converted pdfa file will be ready for download. Once the conversion is finished, you can also share it with others through your social media by copying the link on the download page.


And, you’re done! After reading and understanding everything above, you are now ready to visit GoGoPDF’s website and do the conversion for real. Once you’re there, you could also explore the site’s other features so you’ll know where to go if you ever encounter an issue with your pdfs.

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