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How Hotel Feedback Software Help Hotels to Grow

Hotel Feedback Software

While planning for the holiday trip, the Hotel stay is very important to the overall trip experience. Customers usually browse thousands of websites to choose the best hotel. They usually check the credibility of the hotel and its services through the yardstick of hotel feedback given by guests.

For a hotel owner, treating guests with an excellent hotel experience will not only provide a sense of personal and professional satisfaction. But also help him to make services of hotel more guest-centric. Here, Hotel Feedback Software plays a crucial role in elevating the brand image of your hotel. 

More than 80% of people say that after checking hotel feedback they feel more confident in their travel decisions, and help them to have a better trip.

How Hotel Feedback Software Help Hotels?

With the rising importance of reviews and feedback, the hospitality industry leaders have started making Hotel Feedback Software a part of their marketing strategies. The hotel feedback collection process not only drives insightful data but also allows you to address negative feedback and resolve the issues to generate positive feedback more frequently.

Apart from this, there are other top 5 reasons to include Hotel Feedback Software in your marketing strategies. 

1) Enhances Hotel’s Products & Services

Guest feedback is one of the prominent ways to get deep insights into the performance of the hotel’s product & services. When you provide a hotel feedback survey to your guest they will provide you with the real-time instant reviews along with the suggestions that can further help you to improve your product & services and make it more guest-centric.

Hotel Feedback Software enables you to take feedback at hotels and resorts using tablets, smartphones or send feedback form link via Email and SMS or print QR code or link on the bill. 

Acting on the guests’ feedback can help you to streamline your hotel management strategies and improve products & services to meet the expectations of the guests.

2) Measure Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to measuring the performance of your hotel, Customer Satisfaction is the most determining factor. Hotel’s performance is correlated to the level of guest satisfaction. So, to gauge whether the hotel’s products and services are complimenting to guests’ expectations or not, you need hotel feedback software or app. 

Hotel feedback platform comprises all the leading customer feedback metrics including Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES) that can help you to get their viewpoints and track the customer satisfaction along with the customer loyalty.  

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3) Boosts Customer Retention Rate

There are two options left with your unhappy and unsatisfied guests. Either they expect better customer experience or they leave your hotel. Here in this scenario, the Hotel Feedback System works best to determine the level of the satisfaction of your guests. It helps you detect the SWOT in your hotel business and focus on those areas where improvement is required. 

When your unsatisfied guests express their disappointments through negative feedback, an advanced hotel feedback tool automatically notifies you through email to immediately act on it and close the feedback loop before they churned.

4) Builds Strong Customer Loyalty 

When you act on the customer feedback and deliver them with the products & services that are completely aligned with their requirements, they’ll start becoming loyal to your brand. When you continuously deliver your customers with exceptionally amazing customer experience, a stage comes when they continue to buy your product or service even at a high price. 

Hotel feedback tools track customer loyalty seamlessly. It enables you to conduct the Net Promoter Score Survey to measure the willingness of your customers to recommend a company, it’s products or services to others. Based on the Net Promoter Score you can easily address your grumpy customers and resolve their issue before they churn.

5) Improves Hotel’s Staff Behavior and Hospitality

Hotel’s staff behaviour and hospitality have always been the crucial aspects of any hotel’s reputation. Both things influence the overall guest experience.

If the guest is happy with the staff members’ behaviour and the hospitality delivered by you, he/she will visit your hotel again. They also share positive words of mouth and recommend others. This helps you to enhance the performance of your hotel.

When you use hospitality feedback surveys, your guests can provide real-time feedback at the moment and this will further help you to quickly address the issues and improve the guests’ experience.

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