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How Brands Can Use AI to Boost Their Social Media Marketing Strategy

How is your current marketing project running? Does the team have a strong grip on relevant knowledge and expertise? Is the social media presence effective? Finally, the most important question for today: Are your machines capable of critical thought? Let us get into each question in detail:

How is the Current Project Running?

The marketing projects, which revolve around social media platforms often, involve a detailed study of user-profiles, interests, age groups, gender, and the like. This requires a comprehensive collection and organizing procedures for the necessary and relevant data, which in digital platforms means from the innumerous sources like Instagram/Facebook posts, hashtags, comments, likes, shares, etc. 

This essentially means that the entire set of procedures should be automated. Intelligent systems with clever learning algorithms have started emerging all around the globe. Terms like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP (Natural Language Processing), etc. have become common topics of discussions.

The second and third questions need to be answered by the human element in the marketing domain. Is the team knowledge-rich?

It has to be. Unless and until your machines can tell you where to focus and where to not, how to run campaigns, and practically design policies for you, your Human Resources should be edgy; for they are competing with fast learning machines with intense logical capabilities and they do not need rest, or vacations. Nor do they get bored.

Are your machines smart? Or are you still calling your computers dumb machines with high memory?

We are living in an age where when computers were made to ‘talk’ to each other and they just started chatting in a new language of their own. It is also an era where the computers can tell you what kind of dress/lipgloss looks good on you. The machines have finally started thinking.

Thanks to the new technology, humans can release their precious energy into more productive and complex jobs and avenues leaving much simpler and repetitive functions to computer systems. This necessarily means that the jobs that get humans into a state of lethargy will cease to exist and the systems will start running more smoothly with much lesser occurrences of errors.

Understanding the Role of AI in Social Media 

“Haven’t you seen shoe ads appearing on every website you visit soon after you searched for a shoe or any related product?” This is fundamental artificial intelligence at work. 

Until late, the data extraction and analysis from social media platforms were not much effective or efficient except on an A/B testing basis. But with the advent of clever and efficient ML algorithms, a far higher feat is achievable now. 

A comprehensive one-to-one interaction can now be made possible by marketing companies to optimize content from email, websites, social media, etc. This has increased the relevance and conversion rates offered by social media ads by enabling real-time optimization. 

By enhancing the relevance and resonance of digital content and imagery, achieved by employing a comprehensive and targeted approach, the AI boosts chances of getting a better lead conversion.

The Digital Robots

Machine learning in digital media is applied over a number of areas that require intelligent decision-making backed with relevant, sufficient data.

Some of them are:

1. Web Content Optimization

Computers have started becoming great writers of rich content. Yes, you heard it right; it just needs a human friend to proofread it. As electronic brains can quickly ID and fetch relevant data from an endless array of resources, it just needs efficient logic and algorithms to perform a comprehensive and meaningful data collection. 

AI can also be employed to aid in optimizing content written by humans by including the hottest keywords, external links, and other relevant information.

AI in social media is widely used for content optimization and is one of the top ways to boost your social media marketing strategy. How?

AI can help you:

  • Rank your web pages, blogs, or any other online content 
  • Identify where your content strategy needs improvement
  • Improve existing content effectively
  • Ensure all content published online is comprehensive

But, is this really possible and feasible?

OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company, in early 2019,  backed by Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Reid Hoffman, had announced that they built an AI model called GPT-2. The model could write coherent paragraphs of text at scale and it learned how to write efficiently through the process of analyzing 8 million web pages.

2. Email Optimization

Email marketing is a wonderful area where AI can be a great aid. Finding relevant content and organizing them into beautiful patterns and templates can all be easily handled by smart machines. Segregation and grouping of mailing lists and their customization are also important areas that require complex thought.

For example, let’s say you are one of those people who open their emails early in the morning. This information will be processed by an AI tool/machine. Like a marketing project management software, and it will ensure that you receive emails in the morning. 

Similarly, there could be other people who prefer to get their emails at other times of the day. So, for them, AI helps to figure out when and what each customer would like to receive in their inbox. 

3. Behavioural Analysis

One of the major areas covered in social media marketing is studying the interests of the people. The market has never been more dynamic in the history of humankind than it is now.

The latest trends spread within seconds through digital media across the globe. It is, therefore, necessary to get a real-time understanding of the voice of the market in order to provide great customer service. Social Media is the next frontier in customer service. Website on WordPress can simply provide social media customer service using a WordPress live chat plugin. Here again, we need our smart machines to do the groundwork.

There are a number of approaches to collect and identify the relevant data of consumers. Just like getting a sum of opinions from the disenfranchised group and getting specific and targeted inputs from the influencers. Gaining a thorough grip of the algorithms in the market can help the marketer outsmart the other participants and take a leap.

Here is an instance of pure genius:

Warren Buffet was recently seen in a public post wearing his usual black suits and sipping a small bottle of coke. This was an intelligent idea by Buffet to evoke responses and discussions in social media and enhance the market for Coke. His firm holds a huge amount of stake in the Coca Cola Company. He was basically advertising the product!

A similar occurrence was the appearance of a takeaway coffee cup in a scene from the Game of Thrones. There were a huge number of shares and hashtags for Starbucks as it was a silly mistake from the crew. This created a ripple effect in its social media presence and Starbucks sported the wide grin of a winner, as the cup did not even belong to the brand!

All of this should lead businesses and influencers to think about the relevance of social media platforms. And the need to employ the right kind of ML algorithms to fully utilize the abundant resources. 

Future of Social Media Marketing: Is Social Media AI Here to Stay?

The idea of machines taking up the human jobs might not look pretty, but AI and Machine learning are here and it is happening. The whole idea of EQ and critical thinking by humans being the core of marketing strategies is slowly fading. The machines are also fast learners now, and making better judgment and decisions is just as easy for them. The change is on the horizon

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