Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Lead Generation

Waking up and finding a message on your cell phone about Pizza Hut’s new offer. Congratulation! You are In the process of Lead Generation.

The charm of Lead Generation!

Lead generation is the phenomenon that rules the business market. Need a new customer for your business it’s time to create lead. The question is what are the ways of lead generation?

A visitor or a stranger encounters your business through different means like blog, social media or website. To catch that customer is the main concern of a business. This concern can be handled through CTA or call to action, which directs customer to the main idea that is lead generation.

The old school strategy:

But that would be the old form of lead generation, when people used to get targeted through old means. Today is the era of technology, so there are new ways to lead generation and that is; the lead generation through artificial intelligence!

But question is;

What is the relationship between artificial intelligence and lead generation?

Having customer data is not a big deal at all but generating that data into a strong lead is the real challenge. And this challenge can be won by using new technology geek i.e. artificial intelligence.

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How is artificial intelligence helping marketers?

Law essay help has done searches and found that, Today it has become very time consuming to get and read every customer’s demand because; there are lots of encounters by different companies to a single customer. To deal this situation one needs proper lead generation AI software. There are number of ways in which AI software help lead generation

Increase in sales:

Doing manual section of prospects from pool of data is rather a difficult and time consuming job. But with Artificial Intelligence one can do this job with ease and in short span of time. Let the machines read and filter your customer pool.

AI will generate a code for every different customer depending on their purchase cycle, evaluating their liked products and routine of purchasing. By combining these three main ingredients, AI will tell you who and when to target a customer.

Picture the real customer:

According to research a human can only tell who the customer is by getting a data of a shopping mall. But an artificial intelligence can tell us who the real customer is by going deeper into his purchase behavior i.e. when the customer is visiting the mall? What he is purchasing? How much wealth is he using? Etc.

When artificial intelligence know the answers of these questions; It is able to interpret customer’s next visit to the mall. And this can be used in lead generation. By targeting the real customer is what minimizes the effort of sales personnel and when sales personnel knows who to target when he mostly gets 90% results in form of customer visit to the shop.

Analyze the customer:

Write my essay is the common demand by a professor made to his student, but what mistake student do is they don’t analyze their professor. Meaning; a professor is a real customer who will buy your essay (read your essay) and give you marks. So it is very important to analyze his requirements and know his style.

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Same goes with sales and lead generation, company need to analyze each and every customer to make them buy their product or services. Through Artificial intelligence, salesperson can analyze the type of customer demand and type of purchasing he does when he is on board.

Retaining a customer:

To get a customer is not a big deal but to retain a customer is what makes one successful. It becomes hectic for sales personnel to retain a customer when they have to manage and remember each and every customer. But with use of artificial intelligence, salesperson can minimize their efforts.

The changing world:

It is the demand of new era to get the machine intelligence in work to minimize human effort. But the question arises; how to use and where to find the these intelligent machines or software;

AI softwareFunctionUsage
Growbots AIA database toolIt allows organization to target ideal customer profiles from a massive pool of data and then converting them into sales lead
ConversicaA digital assistant It is powered by AI algorithm, which helps it to get engage with real time prospect. It gather necessary information of the target, evaluate its interest and decide whether it can be a successful lead or not. This can guide the real salesperson how to capture the real lead.
Albert by AdgorithmLead generation softwareWhat makes it different is, it works with Facebook and Google current campaigns, study and evaluate their outcomes and then give perfect suggestions for next campaigns. It actually give a view of the working tactic and not working tactics.
LeadberryLead generation for B2B.It’s a Google analytics for B2B, it study different platform used by prospect and evaluate it interest. It also produces customized reports of customer engagement with your project.
Growthbot by HubspotLead generation softwareIt coordinated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It connects machine learning with various applications which target customers through messages. It helps business to directly cater queries of customers.
NetraRead visual contentIt captures the information by reading the social media pictorial posts and understands the trend which is followed by customers.
NodeRecommend new targetsIt actually discover the new potential customer by reading links between businesses an customers on web.
OneSpotRetain customerIt actually increase customer engagement by personalized onsite content to gather a customer pool on website.

Want to know more?

Interesting knowledge, isn’t it? Do you want to learn and know more? Wait for our next post.

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